Sound of Persistence

Thursday Thump


 What we hear on a daily basis brings out the rhythm, and the description of our day. Meaning that every sound our subconscious hears will have some sort of effect on the memory of that day. The future can and will be changed by the past in a way you will least expect.




When we reminice about something, technically we are creating that situation of the past, in the present. Last week you passed by a guy holding a hot dog, but if you remember the guy holding two hot dogs, then to you and whoever else you have told, that is your reality. This concept is very debatable and deserves a full philosophical outlook, but for the sake of productivity lets use this knowledge to make our realities even greater.


It is hard to filter through memories, actually there are techniques which help people memorize almost anything and make it easier to pull specific memories at will. Sounds like a super power, but this real-life concept can boost our overall happiness to new levels.


We don’t have to perfect our mind to be happy, but consciously thinking happier thoughts will, in turn, create a happier individual. In case helping ourselves isn’t a personal priority, then being a positive person will increase the happiness in the atmosphere around you. We all have a hard enough time keeping our own lives and schedules together, why not help others once you are exposed to this beautiful information.


Ah, you people reading this, trying to improve, you are the reason the world is still spinning…



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4 thoughts on “Sound of Persistence”

  1. I wish there was a LOVE button. I truly love this post. I am a firm believer that we can create happiness for ourselves if only we try. Thinking happy thoughts is certainly one way to start that process towards happiness. Music is another. Depending on what type of music you are listening too, your subconscious will be impacted. This starts a chain reaction to your mood changing as well as your conscious thoughts. This article is right up my alley. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, yes I did not delve into that, but music is an incredible way to boost your mood, I personally use this when I’m driving, I just start playing some positive music and it works like magic. Great point!

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