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Looking Through an Old Album

Wednesday Wobble 


“What we see through our eyes is only a grainy version of the reality which stands before us.”



We all know that we only step in our own shoes, and to even think for a second that someone else’s would be a better fit, then we know that we are missing something huge. Once we know that our challenges in life are tailor made for us, then we can accept the responsibility to push through them.


We do not judge, because we can see. 


We judge in reaction to the things we see.


When we see the old man talking to himself, we do not judge, for his age has caught up to him. At the same time, life seems to be showing us that every kindness has an evil, and visa versa; by having our eyesight be the givers of information, which we use as the substance to make a judgment on someone we can only begin to understand. (wow, run on sentence much?) As a nation and as a people, we need to realize the truth behind our shortcomings, and accept the fact that not being able to understand everything about a person on the spot, actually helps us with dealing with our problems.



Using our limited understanding to analyze and act upon a situation is the literal definition of a healthy understanding. Wanting more helps us by giving us drive to learn more, although keeping a distance from others who do not need our fractured picture of their lives taken into account.


All we do is reply to life, why not comment as well.


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How to Squash Self-Doubt

Tipsy Tuesday 


“What spins can stop, but what never has spun cannot know if it could.”



What we do on a daily basis is usually in the service of some sort of goal, or an end result of some kind. We hope that the things which we consider to be willy-nilly, that we must do everyday will somehow become the result we strive for, and if only we will keep doing what we think makes us feel accomplished, then that is succeeding. Although this helps lots of people keep pushing through life, I believe that repeatedly doing the actions which sustain our need for development might  be helpful, but it can also lead us down a dark path of under-achievement.


The only lesson I have for today is the following: 

We might feel like we waste time, or that we don’t waste enough time; or the fact that our schedules, which were originally supposed to bring us closer to our goal are now keeping us from it. I mean I know that sometimes when I decided to start or continue something in my life, it made sense for me and for my health, but now I look back and all it is doing is keeping me from my original goal. I find this somewhat saddening, but at the same time, I must rejoice, for I might not have achieved everything I would have liked, but I know in my heart, that I could tell myself that I was always trying, even if it meant utter destruction.


We bring our own peace, there is only the decision to deliver.

(also thinking about a new name, let me know if you have any suggestions)



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Reminder of Our Purpose

Monday Mince


“Just one thorn can cut, imagine what a plant working with itself can accomplish.”



Anybody who has ever felt like they were fighting an unbeatable battle, where the enemy knew more about you then you did, where at every turn you were out-smarted and ruined, then you might be at war with yourself. Each and every living thing has different parts that work in unison, but can just as easily destroy each other. If our brain does not give our body the reports of what it is thinking and feeling then our internal organs will cease to be of use. In turn, what if our body decided that it has had enough of following orders? Then our brain will loose all purpose. It is a simple equation of either loving oneself enough to help ourselves, or to be so consumed by hatred that we will ignore the fact that we are the ones tearing down our own future.



When we search for meaning, we only want what we think we already know. Acceptance is the step to everything, and accepting the fact that we all need purpose, whether it is self given or not, is extremely important. For us to look at life, at every living thing, and find its purpose, then the power of sadness can never touch our soul ever again. Depression is the epitome of the lack of purpose, if we have purpose we have happiness.



There are points in our lives that we can help, and even do a great deal in the service of someone else’s lives, in a positive way. This may not be our purpose, but just as the body is one of the most essential parts of the body, it is still useful to the brain, it can have the ability to give purpose and still forfeit its own importance for a bit at a time.


A point in our lives might give us a prickle here or there, but in the end the point is what we were seeking the whole time.


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Life’s First Truth

Swift Sunday 


“The family is neither blood nor connection, it is simply who makes us forget we are smiling.”



Today my foster sister came over with her son for a few hours. I will be leaving to Israel for another year of education, so it was the last time I would see them for a while. We went to an arcade for my nephew and then got some food, it was a good day. We did what we had to do together in a jiffy, because that’s all the time we have with family sometimes.


Today I would like to talk about the concept of family and not just how our blood relatives, but the people of the world, become part of our family. 


You brush past your future wife, without knowing how much you two will care for each other. We just glance at the love of our lives without a second though, like if they would have been gone the next day we would have never been affected; but we know this already, and we know all about the funny ways the universe works from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and just the general way things go in our lives. How about the other aspects of our family, at what point do they become family?




When you first saw your little brother/sister, what was the feeling? Was it how your life would change, or just how you will manage to split your room? I personally am an only child, but I could imagine that you accepted that this baby was part of your family. Now fast forward a bit into our adult life, and the time when we have to finally choose what our family we look like. It boggles my mind that life prepares us by forcing a family on us, then lets us choose for ourselves who defines the word ‘family’ in our minds.


So don’t just wait around and let the world keep giving you your family, whether you enjoy them or not, they are your family and now you have a chance to choose who the rest of them will be.

Choose wisely, but fairly… 


Jiffy – Daily Word

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Who is Your Chef?

Wednesday Wack


“One can be burned or Hardened, it is just a measure of commitment.”



The things we let get to us are so… amusing sometimes. From the slightest mistakes to the most innocent of gestures, we let these things get to us in such a way that it actually takes control of our temper and adds a little spice to it. This spice is created through a lack of understanding, and this empty space where compassion might reside is occupied by the monster which wishes to tame all of us.


The Chef

An all powerful being with the potential to warp reality! Who is this being you ask?

It is You! it is Me!!! The ones with the ability to take the punishment life will give us from time to time.We are the ones who have been insulted, and taken it as a lesson, and the people who can love the ones that need it, even when they might push you away.


It is amazing what we can do with our ability to strengthen ourselves and expand our palette to include even the spiciest of situations, and create the sweetness hidden in the meanings.


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What Goes Around Will Keep Going

Tuesday Tumble


Ah the belief that our actions will come back and either haunt or help us in the future. If we would give to the man with the cup on the side of the street then in our time of need, we will be given what we happen to need. This is a concept which has helped lots of us, including myself, become better people. If we absolutely believe, in our core, that our positive actions will react like the butterfly affect, and spread more and more goodness, then doesn’t it sound impossible not to do the absolute we can for ourselves and others?


A Proposition

Whatever good we do, we feel good about, and whatever evil that extends from ourselves, we fell lesser because of it. So I would like to delve into this concept, and not only answer the question of why we still tend to accept evil, but also to try and figure out a formula to prevent us from falling into regret. I believe there are three different things which tempt us to either react or act in a way which we as awesome people, will regret at some point in our lives. The reaction fueled by anger, the unfortunate mindset of sadness, and, of course, what we ignore but will always struggle with, our inevitable existence of Newtons Third Law within ourselves.

For the Law Click Here-



Love of Calm

Think back to the last time you got angry, and I do not mean that you were unhappy with something or you were missing one of your socks, and couldn’t complete the pair. I am referring to a time when all you saw was the disgusting aberration of the most evil part of the person or situation in front of you, and there was nothing but hate in your soul. In this moment was your first reaction to think of the best way to hurt the person which upset you; which would be the logical reaction to the situation, but no, for some reason there was no thought only emotion and nothing was able to stop you.


What do you think would be the only force that would have the power to take that kind of anger and release it in a healthy yet quick fashion?

Remembering the Calm…


I have not felt that angry in a little while, but when I have in the past, I have used the power of thought to overcome any actions which might have come out of those emotions.



Darkness Lifted

I am sure at least some of us have felt the weight which we call sadness, and hopefully we have overcome and worked on our minds to the point that we were able to lift and throw it away, with all the hardships that come with it. Although, this does not mean that events in our life do not sometimes make us feel that familiar darkness from time to time; and this malevolent will sometimes seduce us into doing, or not doing some questionable things.


The way life has taught me to overcome these feelings is to not just think about the situation, but to actually train our mind, even when we feel just a tinge of these evil emotions, to teach ourselves to reject and force ourselves to get up and brighten our day with accomplishments. Do these actions just to show yourself that not even a slight negative thought can cross our minds, and go undetected.


 You have the power to work out your positive mindset to the point of total control of yourself.



The Dark Side

I have a love Star Wars which I have mentioned in some of my other posts, but this concept of a choice between light and dark, and not just a choice, but the power to become powerful in any one is music to my ears. Being that when we make a decision to grow, in any way, there is a certain power that is fed within us. To Take part of a negative experience is to feed your beast, and to do something positive is to feed the boss within you.


Make sure to consume the right foods and to not get taken in by the addictive flavor of the negativity which resides in this world.

We, Us, Ourselves, Together

I believe in a better us, which will result in a better world. Be the change you want to see in yourself, the rest will follow! 🙂


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Slow Your Roll

Mellow Monday 


Surprisingly I did not know what the word amble meant until today. It means to walk at a leisurely pace or just a relaxed speed. I thought of a lesson we could all learn from this concept of doing an action used for transportation, and doing it slowly and calmly is a new concept for me at least.


Lots of us accomplish a good amount during the day and do feel good about it, but there are some (including me) that rush through the crucial in between actions which make up our productivity process. The breaks, driving, walking, typing, and other such actions which are needed, but also is never as satisfying as pressing the publish button.


I would to make a toast, to all of the small tasks we complete everyday, which will never be thought about again. All of the printing and the signing, or the picture hunting and the walk to the mailbox; they are the reason our legacy will be complete and successful. Appreciation in general is always a good way to find the positive aspects of something, but appreciation for something we did anyway is just a booster for our own achievements.


Loving yourself and loving the world around you  becomes easier when you have so much more to like in the first place. Small thought for today, hope ya’ll have an incredible one!!!


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Reflecting Into Others

Sunday Sixth


“The shimmering lights are lit by the ones who enjoy their glow the most of all..”



Glass has always mesmerized me. The way it glistens, reflects, and is translucent is a wonder to me. I love the  how we can see ourselves, and the other side at the same time. It is like how editing videos brings things to life on camera that can never happen in reality. The glass brings the two things together that never would have been without its existence, our personal outlook, and the view of others about us. As we stand in front of the windowpane, wondering is that what we really look like? We see through the eyes of others, while staying mentally planted in our own minds. This is one of ways we can start to understand each other to a point of peace through understanding.


The Reflection

A way of feeding our anxiety, or the path to knowledge, this concept has toppled the greatest believers and the strongest of will. We have looked in the mirror to check ourselves before we go out of our comfort zone, or just to check the blemish that was there before is now residing elsewhere. The fact we have the ability to see our physical selves opposite us, is a paradox within itself. We use this power to make sure we are up to par for others, or just to relish a new look. Whatever the case may be, it is juts a reflection, by definition, it is the opposite. The backwards way we believe will help us be accepted is the backwards belief that we cannot accept ourselves. We can and must believe in ourselves and not just what the reflection hides on the other side.


Past the Glass

Look into glass as you see the clear material,  but not just that, you see lot of blurs and other objects you can’t make out; not until you realize you can let your eyes relax and sort of focus past the glass, and onto whatever is on the other side. This was my first time realizing that I can choose what to focus on, (at least the first time I remember) I was very young, but for some reason, the fact that I could choose what I wanted to see and how deep I wanted to look into what I was seeing changed my view of the world forever.



I believe in a choice, and choice to see and do good. I do not just mean the actions we do, but the lessons we share through our actions make a difference on the people around us to. We each shimmer in our way, some focus on the layers of glass, and some see past the glass, and into a future where the reprecussions of their actions are taking place in the moment.


We can judge ourselves in the reflection, or look far away into the glass, but we will always be improving the shimmering image in the glass, the opposite, the thing we are if we look a little too long…


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Music that Brings us Together

Thursday Throwback (actually)


“The hero saves the day, but what of the war?”



I happen to love the word Symphony, there is something about it that opens my mind to the many complexities of the world. I could safely say it is one of my favorite words; actually I wrote a post about it back when I first started. Take a look-

A Wonderful Symphony of Emotions

I certainly have improved my writing since then, that’s for sure. There was a great deal of intensity in that post, at the time I thought it needed to be said, so here it is.


Today, I would like to talk about a new form of symphony, something which defies our understanding of unity. This concept is not the classic music, or partnership post which you will probably find, (even though I love those.) As you know I love diving into the reasoning behind the basic attributes of human life, so, what can we thank for unity being an integral part of accomplishment and overall positivity?


First we must go through the establishments that work off this concept.

  • Marriage

  • Partnerships (Corporate, Health, or any goal oriented team)

  • Music



The love we feel, the need we have to satisfy, and the passion we use to attain it. This is the ultimate use of our aforementioned topic. A symphony of emotion which places itself in-between two different people, somehow bringing them closer. This is the only type of unity which must separate, just to unite in the end.



Have you worked in an office which has not used this concept to bring better results? For example, we may be good at our jobs, an incredible bodybuilder, or even the slickest crime lord, but even someone who specializes in crime has a “partner in crime.” This is the symphony of accepting our own faults, and then doing something about them.



We all love it, use it, and create it. The sounds of the world have evolved so much since the day they were created, and we have used them to uplift our spirits and motivate our souls. This is the symphony of creation, and what we can do if we would put our knowledge together to help the poor and assist the stubborn. The bond between each of us will accomplish more then the lonely one man band, and the groups which creates the magic we listen to prove this to us every day.

 I have put Unity together in this format to show everyone that our love, commitment, and willingness to succeed has created this concept. We are the symphony, the instruments and all we see around us…

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What Lies Beneath

Whimsical Wednesday


 “The foggiest memories have the most valuable lesson hidden inside them, the reasoning for the fog.”



The lessons we learn through out our lives tend to get lost in the voids of our mind. Little spaces or lapses in our decision making process can easily create a gap where the lesson or knowledge we gained at that point in time is sucked down a rabbit hole we never seem to be able to find. Since we end up not having access to this knowledge, some say we might not end up needing it, and can live a healthy productive life without trying to remember the lapses in judgment we have gone through in the past.


These people are right to an extent, where there is not problem, there is no fix, but why can’t there be a better model?



Let us go on a journey where we can focus solely on becoming the best you; a land free of distractions, and full of focus. This place is reserved for the ones which try and try until there seems to be no end, but then they realize they were there the whole time. The journey we take to this magical kingdom is the failure and the loss, the fog we try and push through as it keeps us surrounded at all times. Every person has felt this way at least one time in our lives, and never wants to have to do it again. it is like we went through an initiation for the right to be better, the right to be more. Some live on this constant battle, and others reside in the land of wonder, and know they can push themselves even when laying among the rose petals.


 What are some of the effects of these two different paths one constantly decides to exist upon you ask?

 Well here is the light which breaks the fog, and the wind which disperses the shadows.


The ones who look to be in a state of enjoyment, and happiness, are the ones which reside in the posh decor of the ancient land. Others, who look to be stressed, and weakened just by the sight of life itself wander in the endless fog, unable to see the path to accomplishment constantly in front of them.



I do not mean to say that people with no problems and easy lives are in the right place and that people with problems and hardship are in the wrong. The claim is that the same person, with the same attributes and situation, can reside in both of these places at one point in time. Have you ever witnessed one of your friends get over a hurtle in his/her life, or if your child accepted their fate of not getting ice cream that day, and lived to tell the tale? Did you see the change in direction and focus when this happened? Did you experience the shift of reality where they lived? These changes happen top most of us and the way we look at the situation can change our reality.


That same situation happens at every moment, waiting for us to decide to put the pitchforks down, and take life while protecting our vital organs; instead of taking life one round at a time. When you feel as if you can and will change the direction or feeling of a negative situation, you will feel as if there was a bed of sheep with you as you went about your day.


We can change realty, one feeling at a time…



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