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Become Your Teacher

“Appreciate the big things, but remember what they are made out of…”



Sometimes we forgot the fragility of this world and the concepts which hold it together in our eyes. With one flick of a hand or the simple truth told, the world as we know it would collapse. Something which we rely on to keep our schedules intact can break apart with such simple means, how do we keep on loving the world around us, instead of worrying about the possible outcomes?


For us to discover the answer, we must understand one simple word – Appreciation


I have written about this in the past, but I have a slightly different explanation I would like to divulge to you, my treasured readers. We have all been on the receiving end of more than a few anxiety fueled thoughts. Then, one of two outcomes will occur, we push past our thoughts that hold us back from greatness, or the what if’s become our reality to the point of failure. pushing ourselves is imperative to success and only with constant effort to grow can we become our true selves.


When we think of the outcomes of a situation, there are many ways we can veer off into the darkened pool of our mind. The best way to make sure we do not stary off the path of achievement is to teach ourselves to react positively to challenges. Worry is an integral part of keeping us safe, but at some point, we must take our worry and throw it in the backseat while we let our willpower and need for success take the wheel.


The possibilities are endless, make sure you do not forget that there are many ways not just to fail, but to succeed as well.


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Discovery Nurtures Growth

Sunday post for Friday…

Ah, this Friday was a holiday here in Israel so, alas I could not post, but here I am today on this beautiful Sunday ready to inspire.

“Nothing in this world is meaningless… unless we make it so.” -Me?

I would like to unravel the mystery of maturity and discover what causes us to turn into the responsible adults we think we are.

Today I was trying to convince my friend to stay in the post high-school program that he is enrolled in, and not to drop out and go back home. Now there are a lot of factors involved in this discussion, but the overall factor was his wanting to be in a place he felt safe in. Me and him were going back and forth about the concept of being your own person, and making your own safe places by adapting to the outside world. Unfortunately I didn’t make any headway and although he might go home I really hope he can change his mindset enough to realize the importance of adulthood.

What kind of power can cause a person to leave the place of his upbringing and start a life outside of his previous parameters?

There are a good amount of reasons for one to leave his home in search of more, but I would like to talk about the concept of discovery in this post.

The world is a big place and we haven’t even scratched the surface when in comes to 100% discovery. I personally love how much mystery there is in the real world, and that movies and tv shows don’t compare to what we can see without there help of CGI. Just this fact alone has people searching in the deepest caves, tallest mountains, and the most remote of islands. There is no reason to do these things but the hope of discovery and the drive for new experiences.

Everyone has this inside of them, and we can use it to our advantage. When there is something for us to do in our daily lives, all we see is a grey wall of nothingness which ends up being routine, but imagine if we can discover something new just by making dinner, or washing the car?

We can learn so much form the simplest of experiences, and what we learn will help us make the world, a safer place.

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The War on Life

Sunday Sight 


“Responsibility must be earned, not wanted.”



We all have similar processes to get us into the mode of accomplishment. The place that we just work, work, work, and wait for it, even more, although it feels like only a few minutes have passed, we accomplished days worth of work. I personally love this trance that we go in when there are things that must be done. When we teach ourselves to love the feeling of achievement more then the emptiness of addiction, or euphoria shots like, TV, Food, or other entities which flood our minds with dopamine, creating a sort of tolerance to the goodness.


So today we will learn:

-To love the feeling of hard work and accomplishment in order to expel thoughts of instant gratification.


First off if this article isn’t factual enough for you, check this article out.


Before I go into this I would like to point out that this all boils down into one simple concept. Being stronger then the power of temptation and laziness which sort of team-up to create depression like feelings inside of us. It is a simple battle of willpower which is fought on a daily basis, but gets easier with every victory.



The feeling creeps up on you like a tailgater driving an electric car, you can feel rationalization slowly slipping away as our past failures feed the monster which eventually controls our very being takes over. This entity bears the sigil of temptation, we feel powerless against such a foe, such an enemy. How to fight this beast, that is the question.


Fine, I’ll tell you the closely guarded secret which has been passed through the generations of philosophers and thinkers alike. This overwhelming force of negativity which can so easily cloud our minds, the one with the power we can’t seem to fight; do not worry, I am not going to say that it is us, and we have the power to overcome ourselves, but what I will tell you, is that this entity is given power by someone. Although this person does not want you to fall, but he/she wants you to rise past the challenges that are posed by the power this figure gives to your more negative emotions.


This mysterious figure is you and the power these outside monsters have is only given to them by the all powerful one, you.



The foundation for sadness, and the button for self destruction. The concept of not accepting responsibility for the sole reason of not wanting to, is the epitome of what is wrong with any unhealthy mindset. Logic and reasoning bring our dreams to reality through planning and strategy. By discarding these fundamental parts our lives away, we create room for emotions to go unchecked, and with that, disaster will ensue. Emotions are the greatest weapon man has ever wielded, and without guidance from the mind, we can forget about accomplishing anything we will proud of in our lifetimes.



To Love

I know telling the antagonist he sucks is easy, but this was more then that. I wanted to show everyone in a detailed format, how and why instant gratification will ruin our future, if not our immediate lives. In the days we live in, we can be lazy all day then watch an episode of our favorite TV show and feel happiness. We are encouraged to let a once cast out concept into our lives and corrupt the minds of our families. The only way to battle an accepted evil, is to realize it’s true source of power and cut it off. That is why I pointed out that we give the monsters the power we fear so, and that we are the ones who are powerful enough to show ourselves that we do not need their fake lives; that we can bring about happiness through hard work and love.


Be happy for the future is upon us, and there is nothing we can do, but enjoy it. 🙂


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Life’s First Truth

Swift Sunday 


“The family is neither blood nor connection, it is simply who makes us forget we are smiling.”



Today my foster sister came over with her son for a few hours. I will be leaving to Israel for another year of education, so it was the last time I would see them for a while. We went to an arcade for my nephew and then got some food, it was a good day. We did what we had to do together in a jiffy, because that’s all the time we have with family sometimes.


Today I would like to talk about the concept of family and not just how our blood relatives, but the people of the world, become part of our family. 


You brush past your future wife, without knowing how much you two will care for each other. We just glance at the love of our lives without a second though, like if they would have been gone the next day we would have never been affected; but we know this already, and we know all about the funny ways the universe works from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and just the general way things go in our lives. How about the other aspects of our family, at what point do they become family?




When you first saw your little brother/sister, what was the feeling? Was it how your life would change, or just how you will manage to split your room? I personally am an only child, but I could imagine that you accepted that this baby was part of your family. Now fast forward a bit into our adult life, and the time when we have to finally choose what our family we look like. It boggles my mind that life prepares us by forcing a family on us, then lets us choose for ourselves who defines the word ‘family’ in our minds.


So don’t just wait around and let the world keep giving you your family, whether you enjoy them or not, they are your family and now you have a chance to choose who the rest of them will be.

Choose wisely, but fairly… 


Jiffy – Daily Word

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Reflecting Into Others

Sunday Sixth


“The shimmering lights are lit by the ones who enjoy their glow the most of all..”



Glass has always mesmerized me. The way it glistens, reflects, and is translucent is a wonder to me. I love the  how we can see ourselves, and the other side at the same time. It is like how editing videos brings things to life on camera that can never happen in reality. The glass brings the two things together that never would have been without its existence, our personal outlook, and the view of others about us. As we stand in front of the windowpane, wondering is that what we really look like? We see through the eyes of others, while staying mentally planted in our own minds. This is one of ways we can start to understand each other to a point of peace through understanding.


The Reflection

A way of feeding our anxiety, or the path to knowledge, this concept has toppled the greatest believers and the strongest of will. We have looked in the mirror to check ourselves before we go out of our comfort zone, or just to check the blemish that was there before is now residing elsewhere. The fact we have the ability to see our physical selves opposite us, is a paradox within itself. We use this power to make sure we are up to par for others, or just to relish a new look. Whatever the case may be, it is juts a reflection, by definition, it is the opposite. The backwards way we believe will help us be accepted is the backwards belief that we cannot accept ourselves. We can and must believe in ourselves and not just what the reflection hides on the other side.


Past the Glass

Look into glass as you see the clear material,  but not just that, you see lot of blurs and other objects you can’t make out; not until you realize you can let your eyes relax and sort of focus past the glass, and onto whatever is on the other side. This was my first time realizing that I can choose what to focus on, (at least the first time I remember) I was very young, but for some reason, the fact that I could choose what I wanted to see and how deep I wanted to look into what I was seeing changed my view of the world forever.



I believe in a choice, and choice to see and do good. I do not just mean the actions we do, but the lessons we share through our actions make a difference on the people around us to. We each shimmer in our way, some focus on the layers of glass, and some see past the glass, and into a future where the reprecussions of their actions are taking place in the moment.


We can judge ourselves in the reflection, or look far away into the glass, but we will always be improving the shimmering image in the glass, the opposite, the thing we are if we look a little too long…


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Love, Lust, or Longing

Special Sunday 


“Differences come about through constant opinion”



The ones we love have always been a top priority in our society, no one we can think of will trump the importance of the person we cherish with all our heart and soul. We love the purpose this concept gives us, the purpose of our life translates itself into the needs of the love of our lives. I would like to ask everyone here one simple question….

Do we inherently seek love, or do we seek the ramifications we attain through these actions?



Does it matter?


Well to answer the second question yes it does, to a point. We should not get caught up with the reasoning if it hinders our accomplishment, or if in turn we will just run in circles just to make ourselves crazy. Although, as I have stated before, knowing the purpose behind our actions will help us push ourselves in that particular area. In short I will dicuss the path we take to accept and seek love, but this is only for educational and healthy reasons; not for the ones looking for “the answer” there is none, there is many.




It is beautiful how we search for the goodness in this world, like we want it to be how it was when we were children. Personally when looking back I did not see the world in such a positive light when I was little person. Whether  from the events that sculpted me or the transgressions of others, I am who I am and we all have the possibility of looking out the window and finding love, or closing the shade and watching as darkness brings us closer to the bed. We have the choice, and the beauty we bring to the table is only paralleled by the constant challenge which life throws our way for reasons of betterment and generosity.


 Thank You,

       From: The Other Side


When I was in high-school, one of the graduates of that year wrote a speech, basically saying what the negative emotions (depression) would be saying if they would talk. He started off, “I love you and I try to help you succeed everyday. There is no one else on this planet who feels as much sadness when you fail and let me take hold. I am here to make you a better person, and that is my purpose in this great wide universe. I accept the hate and the negativity that is said about me everyday, but without what I give you, there is no purpose, and there is no light. I provide you the chance to be happy and productive, please do not let me win ever again…”


We all search for what is good, but we forget what we really should be focusing on. Be your best and look for the love, without forgetting the what you have won behind.


P.S. This is a true story and I agree with all of what is said above, we are here to rise above, succeed and love yourself for it.

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Being Everyone Else

Smooth Sunday


If you have been reading my content then you realize I sometimes write these posts which take a familiar and accepted concept, then break it down and re-build it in a way which can be used by us in the most productive way.


Well, This is One of Those


Everyone wants to feel like they want to belong within their realm of reality. Part of what helps build a society is the collaborative wanting of a group of people to be the one who contributed what was needed. Belonging is meaning, and once we find meaning our search is over.


Lots of psychologists and therapists will understandably recommend getting comfortable around other people; while they say to feel positive and happy in your own skin as well. While this isn’t a paradox, it is still a challenging feat to achieve. Just think about this one line of thought, if one is comfortable with others, does this mean that peace is on the inside, or is the facade just that, a facade.

Come closer

Ignoring the Possibilities


What we are does not have to do with what we decide to be okay with, or what others decide is good for us to accept. What we are, is the manisfestation of all the possibilities and reality which occurs within our range of knowledge. That is what we can be and what we are, not what we are willing to accept. We live with ourselves everyday, and to say that we are what we vbelive is to ignore the rest which we do not have control of.


 That is not to say there isn’t hope for more to become, it just means the possibilities of success were just increased by 100%…



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Savor the Taste of the Selfless

Sunday Self


When we care about something, usually we feel the need to protect it in anyway possible. There is no higher form of flattery then the wanting of closeness between you and whatever it is you hold dear.


What keeps this concept in our reality?

How does the emotion work?

Why is it needed?



Reasons for the Soul


Is it our selfish minds which create this need, so we don’t lose something that is close to us?


Does our selflessness keep begging for more to be done for others?


Knowing which reason drives a decision can help identify why we do things, so we can do them better. If we are familiar with our inspiration, then our resolve will harden to a point of no return. Nothing will have the ability to discourage us from becoming the people we want to be. The same principle applies when you love someone you are willing to work toward a healthy decision between the one you love and yourself.



Unknowing Legends


Everyone one of us has the power to do the right thing, but if you take a nap because your lazy and not because you want to be able to accomplish more the rest of the day; then the results will differ and nothing will be keeping you afloat besides your selfishness. We can do so much more by tapping into the power of the positive reasons behind our actions. Just like a car runs better on gas then soda, we are more productive with the right motives guiding our lives.


 Don’t be like Anakin when he didn’t have the higher ground… (star wars reference)


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Being the Edge 

Don’t just live on the edge, be the edge which infuses confidence into the ones which walk on your narrow ledge. 


 How to climb a thread:

To be one with the extremely successful, extreme measures must be made. (Duh right?) Well sometimes this can be hard to do but once we understand that we are always on the edge of awesomeness; then we can freely become what we always truly desired.


The first step to the pinnacle of your life will always be to commit yourself to the path you wish to walk. Then, after you firmly believe in the concept of a successful you, take evasive action. This means you must do something that doesn’t make perfect sense but feels sorta right. Mixing of emotion and logic will result in the perfect blend of a confidence building action.
☝🏼(I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while so feedback on it would be appreciated)


 Resting Peacfully on the Ledge:

Learn to be calm in a a hailstorm, and a rainstorm will seem like a sunny day…
You can weather out the storm (see what I did there) and be the storm at the same time!?!


The chaos which keeps us away from our personal ledges will always be the number one protection, and enemy of our accomplishment. Using our protective chaos can bring our success cap up to new heights; by breaking the chaos which clouds the judgment will result in a balance of ones rational.


Inner peace will triumph in the place of adversary, and thrive in the glory of tranquility.


The sound one makes when clashing with ones own shadow can only be described with a slow clap, and a strong heart.


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Surpassing Surprise 

Sunday Surprise

 First of all I am sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I just landed in America from Isarael and I am just trying to get back into a routine.

 Hope everyone is having an incredible day and I would like to do this incredible day, or not so incredible day, and make it even more satisfying. 


 Bring everything to the table, everything that you want to be and everything you must be. Only then will we have a clear understanding of what we can accomplish.
 Because once there is clarity among our inner turmoils, then there is clarity within everything we look upon. Our vision will be affected by the way our own lives are viewed by ourselves. 
 By surpassing ourself, and caring and loving others outside of our personal preservation, we can start to understand what we are capable of accomplishing. 

 Bring all of your accomplishments into your decision making to ensure the utmost healthy response to life’s never ending questions…