Building the One True Life

Wednesday Wise Time for Timelessness   When we look into the endless ticking of what seems like our lifeline, to the days we supposedly wanted to accomplish in the first place; all that is there are our wishes and others wants. Schedules help millions around the world set up their lives according to their mental… Continue reading Building the One True Life

Our Unspoken Language

Monday Mashup¬†   We have spoken about the power of sound in- The effects of the atmosphere around us was brought to life through- ¬†What of the overlooked sense, what of the arguably most important thing our bodies can do in service of us, and is taken for granted?   Lost Sense   Compared… Continue reading Our Unspoken Language

Being Everyone Else

Smooth Sunday If you have been reading my content then you realize I sometimes write these posts which take a familiar and accepted concept, then break it down and re-build it in a way which can be used by us in the most productive way.   Well, This is One of Those   Everyone wants… Continue reading Being Everyone Else

Pluck A Time and a Place

To be omnipresent is to be without decision.     One of the most productive skills to wield in a world of distraction is none other then definitive decision making.   Being able to clearly decide what you will be commuting to or attempting to accomplish next is always the first step to a healthy action. Loving… Continue reading Pluck A Time and a Place

A Dashing Rescue

What happens when a rescue becomes the money of your life?  Your inspiration to be free trickles into oblivion...  I believe our history has forced us to give glory to the heroes which save the princess or stop the pure evil from reigning once more.  I am afraid that when this world will finally be… Continue reading A Dashing Rescue

Sunny Side Down

"In no certain terms can we determine what is good unless we have a firm understanding of the essence of evil."                                       - Me    I love seeing the greatness in the world, and I'm sure you… Continue reading Sunny Side Down

Locality of our Mind

"Seclusion may lead to suffering and suffering will lead you to the dark side..." Ya so there you go with a Star Wars opening, and here we go with this eye opening post! Adjusting, adapting, it's what we do as a race. There is no tomorrow, without the change of yesterday. We have all had… Continue reading Locality of our Mind

To be Bottled or not to be Bottled

Should we share our opinion?  Should I express my feelings? Should I impose my thoughts?     You are talking to your friend about his drinking problem. He does the first step and, accepts it is a problem while denying the help he needs.   Is he bottling up the truth or denying the  fallacy of… Continue reading To be Bottled or not to be Bottled

Age is but a Number, and Volume is but a Word

The way our minds go about making decisions has a lot to do with the amount of pros and cons that have to do with that decision. Like in the classic case of the cup, life can be full of light, or consumed with darkness. By measuring the volume of our lives we can assess… Continue reading Age is but a Number, and Volume is but a Word