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Welcome to Psych Theory!

I call myself Double Lamid and I am here to give you advice, explain some relevant topics, and write thought-provoking articles. Check out my posts and the join the adventure of self-improvement towards a better Us.

The 3 Step Program for Better Thinking:

Exploring – We all learn new info at some point in our lives, constant improvement and adaptation is a humans way of life. The moment we feel most completed and satisfied is when we reach a conclusion through perseverance and consistency. So the most efficient way to improve would be to learn from the things we already know in this confusing crazy life of ours. To help you with this, I have built this community to find the new angle, person, idea which will open your mind to new ways of feeling whole. If you look long enough you might not find what your looking for, but you will find what you need…

Discovering – When an adventurer sets off on their quest, the first thing that they do is plot a course too the treasure. In our case the treasure is the unknown of the path we are setting on by discussing the topics on my blog. Looking in places that haven’t been touched by many, and setting sail where only the beasts have swam is the conclusion of a curious individual. So come look over the edge of opportunity with me…

Learning – The people who move this world forward, the students, innovators, travelers, these individuals have given their mind to the constant process of life. They have accepted the exploration of the world as paramount to anything else us humans have the ability to accomplish. Taking the info we have and using it correctly is only useful once we understand the information we are discovering. Sometimes the warrior can be the one behind the desk, as long as you use the tools your given properly, our generation has a chance to become the scholars and unlock the truth.

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