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Become Your Teacher

“Appreciate the big things, but remember what they are made out of…”



Sometimes we forgot the fragility of this world and the concepts which hold it together in our eyes. With one flick of a hand or the simple truth told, the world as we know it would collapse. Something which we rely on to keep our schedules intact can break apart with such simple means, how do we keep on loving the world around us, instead of worrying about the possible outcomes?


For us to discover the answer, we must understand one simple word – Appreciation


I have written about this in the past, but I have a slightly different explanation I would like to divulge to you, my treasured readers. We have all been on the receiving end of more than a few anxiety fueled thoughts. Then, one of two outcomes will occur, we push past our thoughts that hold us back from greatness, or the what if’s become our reality to the point of failure. pushing ourselves is imperative to success and only with constant effort to grow can we become our true selves.


When we think of the outcomes of a situation, there are many ways we can veer off into the darkened pool of our mind. The best way to make sure we do not stary off the path of achievement is to teach ourselves to react positively to challenges. Worry is an integral part of keeping us safe, but at some point, we must take our worry and throw it in the backseat while we let our willpower and need for success take the wheel.


The possibilities are endless, make sure you do not forget that there are many ways not just to fail, but to succeed as well.


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Discovery Nurtures Growth

Sunday post for Friday…

Ah, this Friday was a holiday here in Israel so, alas I could not post, but here I am today on this beautiful Sunday ready to inspire.

“Nothing in this world is meaningless… unless we make it so.” -Me?

I would like to unravel the mystery of maturity and discover what causes us to turn into the responsible adults we think we are.

Today I was trying to convince my friend to stay in the post high-school program that he is enrolled in, and not to drop out and go back home. Now there are a lot of factors involved in this discussion, but the overall factor was his wanting to be in a place he felt safe in. Me and him were going back and forth about the concept of being your own person, and making your own safe places by adapting to the outside world. Unfortunately I didn’t make any headway and although he might go home I really hope he can change his mindset enough to realize the importance of adulthood.

What kind of power can cause a person to leave the place of his upbringing and start a life outside of his previous parameters?

There are a good amount of reasons for one to leave his home in search of more, but I would like to talk about the concept of discovery in this post.

The world is a big place and we haven’t even scratched the surface when in comes to 100% discovery. I personally love how much mystery there is in the real world, and that movies and tv shows don’t compare to what we can see without there help of CGI. Just this fact alone has people searching in the deepest caves, tallest mountains, and the most remote of islands. There is no reason to do these things but the hope of discovery and the drive for new experiences.

Everyone has this inside of them, and we can use it to our advantage. When there is something for us to do in our daily lives, all we see is a grey wall of nothingness which ends up being routine, but imagine if we can discover something new just by making dinner, or washing the car?

We can learn so much form the simplest of experiences, and what we learn will help us make the world, a safer place.

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How to Say Thank You

Tuesday Turn-over

“New beginnings, or repeating success?”



Hello to all of you who are seeking the Way of the Wise; these last few days my posting habits have been a little erratic. This is because I am getting ready to start school again in Israel. I am basically moving to a different country again, so I have a lot to prepare. When I start school again; in about a week, hopefully my writing will get much more scheduled.

Side note – If you ever have an argument or comment on what I am writing about, please comment below 😉 Love to hear your thoughts.

Before I write the Way of the Wise today 🙂 let me just thank all the people out there who have been reading and applying positivity to your lives. it is inspiring to know you people are out there!


I would like to write about appreciation today and the way we ooze passion about the subject.


A dear friend does something incredible for you, for the sole purpose of helping you in a time of need. There are usually two different types of responses to this sort of action.

  • Debt
  • Gratitude

The facts are that depending on your mental state we will feel varying emotions. There are different factors which can influence these reactions, although we are talking about an average, generalized situation, hopefully most of us can relate to.



Can we absolutely say that a thank you is enough?

I didn’t think so, more often than not, we feel an unmistakable pull towards giving back to the person which did good for us. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thought which drives our society in the right direction, most of the time. When we as respectable human beings, cannot take something without fulfilling this need to give back, sometimes it is caused by our acceptance that we aren’t good enough to receive and that someone wouldn’t give us without assuming we would give back to them.


We usually only see this in people with self-confidence issues, but it can manifest in the form of fear, where the person believes he must give back to keep up a personal image; or through victim-hood, where the person creates a false reality where the person is only giving because they feel pity for one’s self.


 We are awesome and accepting gifts/favors is just as important as giving them.



This is the most common of all the reactions to kindness, and the most healthy. Just a simple thank you, or I really appreciate it, can go farther then any favor. The kindest emotion we can show is appreciation, just to show our appreciation to other people can do incredible things!

sign-1715890_960_720 (1)

Bottom Line!

We love receiving good intentions, and people love giving their kindness; just make it simple and accept it, it makes everyone feel good, and showing our appreciation for someone else’s actions, will inevitably make you seem like more of an angel in their eyes.


Thank you for reading! 

If you would like to connect outside the WordPress blog-sphere, then follow me on Twitter, and the life changing conversations shall commence!


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Music that Brings us Together

Thursday Throwback (actually)


“The hero saves the day, but what of the war?”



I happen to love the word Symphony, there is something about it that opens my mind to the many complexities of the world. I could safely say it is one of my favorite words; actually I wrote a post about it back when I first started. Take a look-

A Wonderful Symphony of Emotions

I certainly have improved my writing since then, that’s for sure. There was a great deal of intensity in that post, at the time I thought it needed to be said, so here it is.


Today, I would like to talk about a new form of symphony, something which defies our understanding of unity. This concept is not the classic music, or partnership post which you will probably find, (even though I love those.) As you know I love diving into the reasoning behind the basic attributes of human life, so, what can we thank for unity being an integral part of accomplishment and overall positivity?


First we must go through the establishments that work off this concept.

  • Marriage

  • Partnerships (Corporate, Health, or any goal oriented team)

  • Music



The love we feel, the need we have to satisfy, and the passion we use to attain it. This is the ultimate use of our aforementioned topic. A symphony of emotion which places itself in-between two different people, somehow bringing them closer. This is the only type of unity which must separate, just to unite in the end.



Have you worked in an office which has not used this concept to bring better results? For example, we may be good at our jobs, an incredible bodybuilder, or even the slickest crime lord, but even someone who specializes in crime has a “partner in crime.” This is the symphony of accepting our own faults, and then doing something about them.



We all love it, use it, and create it. The sounds of the world have evolved so much since the day they were created, and we have used them to uplift our spirits and motivate our souls. This is the symphony of creation, and what we can do if we would put our knowledge together to help the poor and assist the stubborn. The bond between each of us will accomplish more then the lonely one man band, and the groups which creates the magic we listen to prove this to us every day.

 I have put Unity together in this format to show everyone that our love, commitment, and willingness to succeed has created this concept. We are the symphony, the instruments and all we see around us…

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Opportunities of the Past

Tuesday Tunnel


“We all have history, although some ignore, while others adore” – Me?


Whenever there is a question of why, or the time to take action arises, and the reasoning has died. There is only one way to look, one direction to trust, and one path to uncover. This, is the question of our past, this question alone will provide the answer we need in order to move on.


The Future


I think of the future as one does with an ever-changing schedule, with an open mind. Coming to this realization is what unbinds us from the chains of repetitiveness, and lets us walk with newly found explorations and emotions we never thought we would let ourselves experience. Being in a state of happiness just means you don’t regret what occurred five minutes ago, and I am sure we all have been sad or let down by things that happened years or even millennia ago; but do we not try and hold back those monsters so angels can thrive in their stead. Challenge and misfortune come to every human begging for attention, but we fight and we hold the line between them and our love for the world around us.


Every time we gain ground on the forces of negativity, we learn and adapt to the nature which keeps us grounded. The very life we live is an interpretation of the future we will inevitably and fortunately experience. If we let ourselves fall for our own limitations, then freedom is forsaken and our own worst enemy is in the future, inside of us, nurturing on the safeties and fears we keep, only to limit our potential.


Freedom is discovering the past to change your future for the better 🙂


The Past


I would like to believe the past is something which is defined by the beholder. Not just a projection of what our feeble understanding of the mind conjures for us. Memory is taken for law in court, but not trusted when a loved one needs to trust it most. Hate, love, anger, and kindness are just some examples of emotions which almost everyone has had change their perception of the past. We love our hero, so in turn we remember the good times where we were most affected. The anger we feel for our worst enemy blocks out the times of understanding and corrupts us with inexplicable and unintelligent actions.


When we decide to feel emotion and stop caring what the world wants us to feel, freedom is there. Although letting your emotions guide your action without recourse is just another form of prison. Love is great, but do not mistaken what you love for what is right.


Please keep on loving and sharing the possibility of happiness, just be careful of why, the reasoning will decide the repercussions. 


Traditionally speaking of course.

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Healthy Home, Happy Soil

Tuesday Truffle  


 The first step to recovery is admitting the problem is a reality. That is what they say anyway; but where does the motivation come from to even such things?


Before a city is created there must be a foundation from which to build up from. To believe in someone, there must be proof of trust. This shows the only way to be a sturdy healthy productive human being, is to have a sturdy foundation from which to grow. Integrating this into our lives can change the way we think about every step-to-step process which we read or write about. How can we put our lives in the hands of an entity with no trustworthy source of power.




Coming from a healthy home is valued and cherished extensively because of this specific concept. Parents are on the front lines and the ones that try their best deserve recognition beyond what we could give them. Ultimately though, the individual will get to a point where they must make a decision and only rely on their own past and instinct.


Where do you think the decision making skills come from?


We as adults have the responsibility to make sure the future generations have the abilities they need to be independent. The soil from which we grow can only be as fruitful as the water, sunlight, and other nutrients allow it.


Give yourself a fighting chance not all of us are lucky enough to start growing with the healthiest of foundations…

Daily Writing Prompt Response – Soil

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What Can Be Right?

Monday Mash


Have you ever wondered if there was a right choice? 


Because I have had an unsolvable dilemma way too many times, and sometimes making a right decision isnt an option. There are lots of differing paths to travel on in this world and not all of them will bring you to the place you want to go. One thing we do know is that there is more than one which will lead you to a positive place.


Is that not where we all want to end up? 


We may have specific dreams, but we are never sure what will  be the end result of different "right" decisions. If only we knew which would be our definite undoing, so we might have a slim chance of being on the right side of the equation. We watch our heroes on the TV being pushed to their "destiny" only to realize true heroes push themselves and create a destiny that wasn't there before. I have written before about the way our emotions coincide with the underlying music around us in this post here –

Sound of Persistence

– but there would be no world or reaction if not for the beauty of what we hear. If you do have spotify please listen to this playlist below whenever you feel the need to think, and not about the stupidity of the world which corrupts our purest of minds; but the times when thought wants to flow through you, and all you need to do is to feel it once, to let the gates of your mind be pushed open.



If you don't have Spotify at least just listen to this track below and others like it, it will bring you to the place where all those smiles around you go to hide….

Ambre – Nils Frahm


Now that I have tried to give you a gift which has helped me discover previoulsy undiscoverable calmness, lets continue.




Even with all these confusing decisions clouding our judgment, deep down we know there is only one path to our personal destinies. This path has been traveled and traveled again, and we don't see the truth which lies in every thought crossing our minds.


Don't we know the answer to all of our troubles, and hasn't the light defeated the dark?


Didn't the good show the evil it was wrong time and time again?


The answer has been shown to us, but we refuse to see it. The only answer is that there is no answer but the one we make right. How can one root for the opposing team if they are indeed, the opposing team. The only way for conflict to be created is the decision of right and truth, being the way to our happiness. What we use to help us love, has brought the hate which we can only try and pretend to hide.


We are right whatever we choose.


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Savor the Taste of the Selfless

Sunday Self


When we care about something, usually we feel the need to protect it in anyway possible. There is no higher form of flattery then the wanting of closeness between you and whatever it is you hold dear.


What keeps this concept in our reality?

How does the emotion work?

Why is it needed?



Reasons for the Soul


Is it our selfish minds which create this need, so we don’t lose something that is close to us?


Does our selflessness keep begging for more to be done for others?


Knowing which reason drives a decision can help identify why we do things, so we can do them better. If we are familiar with our inspiration, then our resolve will harden to a point of no return. Nothing will have the ability to discourage us from becoming the people we want to be. The same principle applies when you love someone you are willing to work toward a healthy decision between the one you love and yourself.



Unknowing Legends


Everyone one of us has the power to do the right thing, but if you take a nap because your lazy and not because you want to be able to accomplish more the rest of the day; then the results will differ and nothing will be keeping you afloat besides your selfishness. We can do so much more by tapping into the power of the positive reasons behind our actions. Just like a car runs better on gas then soda, we are more productive with the right motives guiding our lives.


 Don’t be like Anakin when he didn’t have the higher ground… (star wars reference)


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Sound of Persistence

Thursday Thump


 What we hear on a daily basis brings out the rhythm, and the description of our day. Meaning that every sound our subconscious hears will have some sort of effect on the memory of that day. The future can and will be changed by the past in a way you will least expect.




When we reminice about something, technically we are creating that situation of the past, in the present. Last week you passed by a guy holding a hot dog, but if you remember the guy holding two hot dogs, then to you and whoever else you have told, that is your reality. This concept is very debatable and deserves a full philosophical outlook, but for the sake of productivity lets use this knowledge to make our realities even greater.


It is hard to filter through memories, actually there are techniques which help people memorize almost anything and make it easier to pull specific memories at will. Sounds like a super power, but this real-life concept can boost our overall happiness to new levels.


We don’t have to perfect our mind to be happy, but consciously thinking happier thoughts will, in turn, create a happier individual. In case helping ourselves isn’t a personal priority, then being a positive person will increase the happiness in the atmosphere around you. We all have a hard enough time keeping our own lives and schedules together, why not help others once you are exposed to this beautiful information.


Ah, you people reading this, trying to improve, you are the reason the world is still spinning…



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Differences of Work and Wonder

Workin’ Wednesday


There is a song by Breaking Benjamin called Bury Me Alive —

Here’s it is on their VEVO


This term is used when you don’t want to necessarily die, buuut you’d rather skip whatever you are experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately this situation occurs more often then not and this is the way to dig out from whatever is keeping you buried.




We as humans base our decision making on what we want out of our lives. Being the selfish species we are, usually there is a path which will take us to the destination of our choice. This destination becomes a must instead of the want it was, to forcibly motivate ourselves in the face of impossible odds. this is needed as part of the adventure because of the hardships we sometimes endure. The need also increases the euphoric feeling once we achieve one of the many milestones which we put up for ourselves along the way. once we realize this and accept this, there is nothing left but the want to succeed that will bring you to your constant goal.





Happiness is a constant, not something which will finally be there permanently once we achieve it. Although, once accomplished, happiness in its purest form will be much easier to grasp, every time it is achieved. Accept and use this knowledge to motivate you in the direction of all of your milestones still untouched.



 Simply want to see light, want yourself to succeed continuously, and the world will stop forcing your need and nurse your growth.



Also i’d like to point out it is Net Neutrality Day of Action, so go free people!!!



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