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Blog Tip #2 Future Planning

Tuesday Tip

There are two types of bloggers in this world.

• Inspiration Dependent

• informational Focused

I personally rely on inspiration when I sit down to write a post, or something else that requires creative writing. Although, when I am writing an educational article, I will research then parrot most of the informative aspects of what I am writing about; spicing it up when there is a need for the special touch of a personal emotional view.

Today I have not just one, but two tips/tricks for my fellow bloggers out there.

1: for the ones which rely on inspiration for a post, but have trouble keeping a schedule because of this. I propose writing down small bullet points as you get inspired by your daily life. This way you will not only have something for your brain to build off of, but you won’t have to re-invent the wheel each time you write. (Which I am guilty of)

2: Then, for the people who are forced squeeze your personality into the crevices of cold facts. There is only one thing I have to say, look for aspects of the subject you are writing about which interest you; then use those personally feelings toward those facts and write something fantastical.

Enjoy your week everybody!

Let me know what advice you are looking for and maybe the next Tuesday Tip will feature your request!

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What Can Be Right?

Monday Mash


Have you ever wondered if there was a right choice? 


Because I have had an unsolvable dilemma way too many times, and sometimes making a right decision isnt an option. There are lots of differing paths to travel on in this world and not all of them will bring you to the place you want to go. One thing we do know is that there is more than one which will lead you to a positive place.


Is that not where we all want to end up? 


We may have specific dreams, but we are never sure what will  be the end result of different "right" decisions. If only we knew which would be our definite undoing, so we might have a slim chance of being on the right side of the equation. We watch our heroes on the TV being pushed to their "destiny" only to realize true heroes push themselves and create a destiny that wasn't there before. I have written before about the way our emotions coincide with the underlying music around us in this post here –

Sound of Persistence

– but there would be no world or reaction if not for the beauty of what we hear. If you do have spotify please listen to this playlist below whenever you feel the need to think, and not about the stupidity of the world which corrupts our purest of minds; but the times when thought wants to flow through you, and all you need to do is to feel it once, to let the gates of your mind be pushed open.



If you don't have Spotify at least just listen to this track below and others like it, it will bring you to the place where all those smiles around you go to hide….

Ambre – Nils Frahm


Now that I have tried to give you a gift which has helped me discover previoulsy undiscoverable calmness, lets continue.




Even with all these confusing decisions clouding our judgment, deep down we know there is only one path to our personal destinies. This path has been traveled and traveled again, and we don't see the truth which lies in every thought crossing our minds.


Don't we know the answer to all of our troubles, and hasn't the light defeated the dark?


Didn't the good show the evil it was wrong time and time again?


The answer has been shown to us, but we refuse to see it. The only answer is that there is no answer but the one we make right. How can one root for the opposing team if they are indeed, the opposing team. The only way for conflict to be created is the decision of right and truth, being the way to our happiness. What we use to help us love, has brought the hate which we can only try and pretend to hide.


We are right whatever we choose.


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Sound of Persistence

Thursday Thump


 What we hear on a daily basis brings out the rhythm, and the description of our day. Meaning that every sound our subconscious hears will have some sort of effect on the memory of that day. The future can and will be changed by the past in a way you will least expect.




When we reminice about something, technically we are creating that situation of the past, in the present. Last week you passed by a guy holding a hot dog, but if you remember the guy holding two hot dogs, then to you and whoever else you have told, that is your reality. This concept is very debatable and deserves a full philosophical outlook, but for the sake of productivity lets use this knowledge to make our realities even greater.


It is hard to filter through memories, actually there are techniques which help people memorize almost anything and make it easier to pull specific memories at will. Sounds like a super power, but this real-life concept can boost our overall happiness to new levels.


We don’t have to perfect our mind to be happy, but consciously thinking happier thoughts will, in turn, create a happier individual. In case helping ourselves isn’t a personal priority, then being a positive person will increase the happiness in the atmosphere around you. We all have a hard enough time keeping our own lives and schedules together, why not help others once you are exposed to this beautiful information.


Ah, you people reading this, trying to improve, you are the reason the world is still spinning…



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To Tether or not to Tether

That is the question…

Thorough Thursday


What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word Tether?


Is it the rope we use for mountain climbing?


Or is it the connection we feel when the trust of another affects our very existence?


This connection has been the power behind the affects most relationships have, and the beauty which friends give each other. Every time strength is passed from one to another, this concept is brought to light with all its glory, and the darkness which can be tapped into if chosen.


The power of helping someone that means something to you is the ultimate kindness you can bestow onto another person.


There are two types of hooks in this world. 

There are the ones that hold you in place. 
There are the ones that Help you climb higher.
Then there are the ones which will slip and only help your downfall.
Tether onto the hooks that will only bring you up, and at the times when you just need to mellow out and take a look at life; be with the people in your life which are just there because of the relationship you have with them.

Only you can decide the next step in which you need/want to go. Only you can let the hooks guide you in the only direction…




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Behind the Scenes of the Mind

Tremendous Tuesday

 Today, I have brought all of us a special gift. This gift will be unlike anything we could have prepared for, let alone seen coming.

 This is the gift of Reasoning

 You are part of the select few who have gotten backstage, behind the scenes, passes to none other but our minds. The most unpredictable, confusing, and seemingly random entity to exist in our known universe.

 What happens behind the scenes every time we make a decision which can affect our whole day, if not our whole lives?

 Isn’t it beautiful that we have the freedom and ability to question and understand ourselves, to a point which we can actually discuss the concepts which our psyche relies on?

 It is btw…👌🏻

 That ability gives us almost a superhuman understanding which we can use for the good of the ones around us, or the destruction everybody else. The responsibilty is with every decision we make, and the affects of these decisions will depend heavily on the motivation of the action. To judge one on action alone is a to judge a man at trial without letting him utter a word. 

 Our words are our communication, but our mind will ultimately decide what we say and how we say it. 

 Unlock your true potential by simply looking within your own motives. 


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Keeping Monetary Momentum 

Monday Misconception 


 Brooding our horizons, or keeping our focus on the next step ahead. 

 To be successful at something will always feel great, even so great that he accomplishment will feel complete and the euphoria will dissipate. Sometimes this will result in a search for something else to give us that feeling of contentness. 

 To be productive for the feelings it gives you will always end up in diverse and confusing results. We must feel great about our accomplishments and use those feelings to create more accomplishment, but to never have a realistic end goal will end up with a lack of continuation. 

 When we see a friend trying to finish a project, but they keep getting sidetracked by the continuing bombardment of possible positivity, which they should be getting from their own goals. 

 We can try to make them realize their self destructive behavior, but distraction is often disguised as good intentions. 

 Keeping our focus on what will ultimately let us leave regret In the past is the only way to true happiness. 

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Surpassing Surprise 

Sunday Surprise

 First of all I am sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I just landed in America from Isarael and I am just trying to get back into a routine.

 Hope everyone is having an incredible day and I would like to do this incredible day, or not so incredible day, and make it even more satisfying. 


 Bring everything to the table, everything that you want to be and everything you must be. Only then will we have a clear understanding of what we can accomplish.
 Because once there is clarity among our inner turmoils, then there is clarity within everything we look upon. Our vision will be affected by the way our own lives are viewed by ourselves. 
 By surpassing ourself, and caring and loving others outside of our personal preservation, we can start to understand what we are capable of accomplishing. 

 Bring all of your accomplishments into your decision making to ensure the utmost healthy response to life’s never ending questions…

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No Words, Only Explanations 

Just Stop and Think Sunday

 Do we give the answers we want to, or the excuses we have? 

 To the people which want an answer, and to the ones which have none. This is for you…

 Do you ever feel overwhelmed?…(yes!) 

 Well that was an easy one, how about this, do you ever know what is specifically making you feel overwhelmed? 


A little different, and well yes there are multiple factors, I would like to focus on the most confusing, overwhelming, intimidating thing that has ever existed in our universe. 

 The Mind

 Every action, every reason for anything that happens is a result of this entity. We bring to life the most powerful tool in history, and we just let it consume us and take over the very life we use it to create. 


 Because we believe that because we don’t have total control over our mind, there is no hope that the brain is really a big part of us. Not the organ, but the concept of what our mind creates will forever be a part of our being. To control it would be to never let another original thought out of our minds. This is why one of the most prominent attributes of a person is self control. 

 To have self control it to have total confidence in yourself and your abilities. To work towards this will bring us closer to happiness. If we want to be accomplished, the the most effective way to do it is with the help of our minds, instead of it being our most imposing challenger. 

 Just think, no pressure, you don’t even have to relax…😊

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Rule of Thumb

Thunder Thursday

 As humans we seek direction, always from above but never from within.

 Bring all of the wars and peace, and the treachery and kindness. There is always a common factor which all of these concepts entail, direction. Every decision brings forth new rules and consequences. How can we respect the rules of the people around us, when you have to trust an outsiders judgment in place of our own.

 Has anyone ever created something without laws, rules? Everything has a goal. To claim responsibility you have to have reason to. Why be responsible for something that will not do or be anything. Just a faceless relic in the shadow of its peers. 
 Although, to live under everyone else’s rules will only hurt your independence in the end.

 Be what you are to unlock your own personal morals. We as humans create a shield of sorts to keep order and balance to the body, mind, and soul. 

 Being yourself requires you too not just let go of others, but to also let go of the fear for acceptance, or you will never truly be free.

 Enjoy the weekend and love to all, 

 Be a criminal to the laws that keep you chained, and act as a law man when given control of your actions.

Sorry I posted with notes to edit, I apologize

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How to Focus on the Wild Side

Wild Wednesday 

 Frolic and be merry, for tomorrow brings us the nuisances of life.


 Everyone always had that one crazy kid in their class who you just had to laugh along with. Seeing the joy of another person sometimes affects us in so many ways we don’t even know about. The need for social affection stems from this concept as well. When we are around people we enjoy, we enjoy what is around us as well. 
 This works both ways so, like anything in this world, let’s try to make the best out of what we surround ourself with. 

 Now that we covered outside influences of the wild side, let’s talk about the meaning of the wildness within ourselves. 

 Have you ever caught yourself in a state of crazed joy, when you can’t really remember what you did or why. The moment when your with friends, and feel extremely comfortable in the social circumstance that you are in, so much so that you just let yourself go. Usually this will entail the deepest and truest you that there is.
 There is no thought

 There is no fear

 There is only enjoyment

 Bring the people you want to share yourself with closer to you, and you will be there, not some other person you really wish could just stop covering up for the true you. This brings us back to the concept of loving and enlightened, to be yourself. I have spoken about this in other posts, but I am sticking to a specific part of ourselves in this post.
 The part we try and hide for fear it will be hated and criticized.

 Us… that is it. We are afraid of ourselves. For what reason? The discrimination of the outside world, telling us what we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to want. 

 Only co-exist if it is you who is the one existing and the people around you who are doing the ‘co’.