A Year Later

It's been a while since I've taken the pen to paper, or the keyboard to the screen, and it feels great to be back. This last year has been a very important time in my life for me and my growth. Although every day I couldn't wait for the moment I would sit down in… Continue reading A Year Later

Blue Sky Challenge

Hey everybody, today I will be participating in this very unique challenge which consists of 11 questions, which I will be answering in a shorter context then usual, due to time constraints. I would like to thank Glimmers of Silver for nominating me and challenging me to do this... well... challenge. 🙂   What do you… Continue reading Blue Sky Challenge

Blogger Recognition Award

Thank You First I would like to thank Holly from BloggerInABlogWorld for nominating me! If you want some inspiring posts/poems, or just an avid Game of Thrones fan, then her blog is right for you. Anyone who has not already, should go check out her amazing blog! I started a new program, a few days ago… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

New Name? Readers Advice

Hey everybody, today's post will be up soon, I just wanted to ask you guys a question. I am looking for a new name for my brand, (Blog, Website, YouTube Channel, Podcast) and I would love to hear what you guys think of the name I have thought of.   I am thinking about Psych… Continue reading New Name? Readers Advice

Thank You For 100 Followers!!!

You guys are awesome!   I would just like to say thanks to every one of you for the support and inspiration. There is no way I would have gotten this far without your feedback and constant support. I have no way of showing my gratitude, only to say that there will be more goodness… Continue reading Thank You For 100 Followers!!!

The Unique Blogger Award

Thank you so much Claire for the nomination I cannot be more honored to receive a nomination for this incredible award. Anyone who hasn't read Claire Yang Writes, it is a must read for everybody reading this.   Because Without Rules, We Wouldn't Have Awards: 1.Share the link with, the blogger who has shown love… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

The Versatile Blog Award

I usually don't post on Friday, but today is a special occasion. I was looking through my notifications tab last night and I see that I have a comment from BlogHollyBlog. I always love comments and the discussions which sometimes come out of them, so I click on it, and was surprised and overjoyed to… Continue reading The Versatile Blog Award