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Emotion Steps Forward

Monday Munch


“Prepare for the worst, expect the best, know the reality.”



We always want the best possible outcome, it is just natural. For most of us though, what plagues our minds are the less then positive endings which we think are more likely to happen. The fear of being let down is so great, that we actually believe that the world has a negative outcome waiting for us to walk into.


The reasoning? Fear of lurching towards our goal.


More times then not, patience and logic bring out the best outcome, but there are instances where we must simply lurch toward the goal we have set for ourselves. An un-explainable action caused by a moment of inspiration is all we need to push ourselves into the next step of our adventure.


We can use our emotions to achieve what we need to accomplish, they can go awry, but hopefully we can set ourselves on such a strong path, that nothing will be able to divert our focus…



Lurch – Daily Prompt

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Reminder of Our Purpose

Monday Mince


“Just one thorn can cut, imagine what a plant working with itself can accomplish.”



Anybody who has ever felt like they were fighting an unbeatable battle, where the enemy knew more about you then you did, where at every turn you were out-smarted and ruined, then you might be at war with yourself. Each and every living thing has different parts that work in unison, but can just as easily destroy each other. If our brain does not give our body the reports of what it is thinking and feeling then our internal organs will cease to be of use. In turn, what if our body decided that it has had enough of following orders? Then our brain will loose all purpose. It is a simple equation of either loving oneself enough to help ourselves, or to be so consumed by hatred that we will ignore the fact that we are the ones tearing down our own future.



When we search for meaning, we only want what we think we already know. Acceptance is the step to everything, and accepting the fact that we all need purpose, whether it is self given or not, is extremely important. For us to look at life, at every living thing, and find its purpose, then the power of sadness can never touch our soul ever again. Depression is the epitome of the lack of purpose, if we have purpose we have happiness.



There are points in our lives that we can help, and even do a great deal in the service of someone else’s lives, in a positive way. This may not be our purpose, but just as the body is one of the most essential parts of the body, it is still useful to the brain, it can have the ability to give purpose and still forfeit its own importance for a bit at a time.


A point in our lives might give us a prickle here or there, but in the end the point is what we were seeking the whole time.


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Slow Your Roll

Mellow Monday 


Surprisingly I did not know what the word amble meant until today. It means to walk at a leisurely pace or just a relaxed speed. I thought of a lesson we could all learn from this concept of doing an action used for transportation, and doing it slowly and calmly is a new concept for me at least.


Lots of us accomplish a good amount during the day and do feel good about it, but there are some (including me) that rush through the crucial in between actions which make up our productivity process. The breaks, driving, walking, typing, and other such actions which are needed, but also is never as satisfying as pressing the publish button.


I would to make a toast, to all of the small tasks we complete everyday, which will never be thought about again. All of the printing and the signing, or the picture hunting and the walk to the mailbox; they are the reason our legacy will be complete and successful. Appreciation in general is always a good way to find the positive aspects of something, but appreciation for something we did anyway is just a booster for our own achievements.


Loving yourself and loving the world around you  becomes easier when you have so much more to like in the first place. Small thought for today, hope ya’ll have an incredible one!!!


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True Standards

Mass Monday 


“Our faults are the key to our ultimate success.”

                                                                 –  Me?



What is sub-standard to me?


What is so low that even I deem it unworthy of my attention?


If there are any answers to these questions, we must know why before allowing ourselves to put others on a lower shelf. I am sure we consider ourselves a caring people, generosity and prosperity flow through our veins, or we wished it did. Either way, one must become a paradox if we are to attain our best self.


To think of ourselves as dust, while claiming we are the rightful king, is the only way a person can live happy.


Accepting that we aren’t the most important thing in the universe and there are things greater can help us see the people around us who need us the most. While believing we are royalty sets responsibility and self respect which can be challenged by no other.


Love ourselves but only to the point we need, find your own personal line. It is the only thing keeping us from the other side.


Have a great day, just a thought today, no big reveals about human nature or the beauty of time, just a thought…


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Our Unspoken Language

Monday Mashup 



We have spoken about the power of sound in-

The effects of the atmosphere around us was brought to life through-

 What of the overlooked sense, what of the arguably most important thing our bodies can do in service of us, and is taken for granted?


Lost Sense


Compared to the rest in it’s family this one child of nature is ignored and used by the key holder to it’s existence. Important but unrecognized, this poor entity is usually only mentioned when there is something fowl about. Some know of this creations true importance and necessity, but it is not enough.


How to Bring Out Inner Inspiration Through Fragrance


Being at peace with yourself helps us be in better communication with the world around us. Believe it or not by being in touch with our physical body we can accept more information. Memories are not frozen in the past, but created in the present. As we remember these events there is a physical manifestation which helps our mental plane re-imagine, and use these memories for whatever we need to recall them for.


Wrap Up The Incense


In general we should focus on being more comfortable with ourselves, and I have covered this in a previous post, but imagine the first time you went to middle school, or high school. The feelings come flooding in but do the physical take shape?


They do if you realize why your feeling the emotions you feel when you have nostalgia other past emotions. Remembering what you feel is just a memory of the reaction you had to your physical situation at the moment. Let the smell of the musky halls, or the cold air in the freshly cleaned classroom.


There are many parts that make up a memory, taking out even one will alter the past in a way we can’t even fathom… Mainly because we don’t know how we will react or feel in a specific situation. Hence, we cannot begin to think of the possibilities.


Let us just take a moment to appreciate what warns us of danger, and what gives us similarity. We will always remember the fragrance of familiarity.

(apologize for the random, but I got sidetracked 😉

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What Can Be Right?

Monday Mash


Have you ever wondered if there was a right choice? 


Because I have had an unsolvable dilemma way too many times, and sometimes making a right decision isnt an option. There are lots of differing paths to travel on in this world and not all of them will bring you to the place you want to go. One thing we do know is that there is more than one which will lead you to a positive place.


Is that not where we all want to end up? 


We may have specific dreams, but we are never sure what will  be the end result of different "right" decisions. If only we knew which would be our definite undoing, so we might have a slim chance of being on the right side of the equation. We watch our heroes on the TV being pushed to their "destiny" only to realize true heroes push themselves and create a destiny that wasn't there before. I have written before about the way our emotions coincide with the underlying music around us in this post here –

Sound of Persistence

– but there would be no world or reaction if not for the beauty of what we hear. If you do have spotify please listen to this playlist below whenever you feel the need to think, and not about the stupidity of the world which corrupts our purest of minds; but the times when thought wants to flow through you, and all you need to do is to feel it once, to let the gates of your mind be pushed open.



If you don't have Spotify at least just listen to this track below and others like it, it will bring you to the place where all those smiles around you go to hide….

Ambre – Nils Frahm


Now that I have tried to give you a gift which has helped me discover previoulsy undiscoverable calmness, lets continue.




Even with all these confusing decisions clouding our judgment, deep down we know there is only one path to our personal destinies. This path has been traveled and traveled again, and we don't see the truth which lies in every thought crossing our minds.


Don't we know the answer to all of our troubles, and hasn't the light defeated the dark?


Didn't the good show the evil it was wrong time and time again?


The answer has been shown to us, but we refuse to see it. The only answer is that there is no answer but the one we make right. How can one root for the opposing team if they are indeed, the opposing team. The only way for conflict to be created is the decision of right and truth, being the way to our happiness. What we use to help us love, has brought the hate which we can only try and pretend to hide.


We are right whatever we choose.


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Ready or Caper Here Life Comes

Monday Mood

I have been on the receiving end of Life’s many curve-balls, and I have noticed the common response which most humans have to the chaos we dare not understand.



The place which only few are aware of, but many go.

That place we love so much, but are fearful at the very mention of it.






Each of our escapes vary from the person which is experiencing the unpleasantness. Many of us would rather call it a “happy place” but the concept of escape has been ridiculed to many times in the past for me to let us give it a false name.



I am a firm believer in the conceptual re-precautions of using life’s tools the wrong way. 


There is nothing more disastrous then believing in negativity exclusively within an entity. Everything has a useful productive side which we can all learn from, and use to help and support the world in which we thrive.



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Keeping Monetary Momentum 

Monday Misconception 


 Brooding our horizons, or keeping our focus on the next step ahead. 

 To be successful at something will always feel great, even so great that he accomplishment will feel complete and the euphoria will dissipate. Sometimes this will result in a search for something else to give us that feeling of contentness. 

 To be productive for the feelings it gives you will always end up in diverse and confusing results. We must feel great about our accomplishments and use those feelings to create more accomplishment, but to never have a realistic end goal will end up with a lack of continuation. 

 When we see a friend trying to finish a project, but they keep getting sidetracked by the continuing bombardment of possible positivity, which they should be getting from their own goals. 

 We can try to make them realize their self destructive behavior, but distraction is often disguised as good intentions. 

 Keeping our focus on what will ultimately let us leave regret In the past is the only way to true happiness. 

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Loving our Purpose to Fulfill it

Marked Monday

 Sorry this post will be a little shorter due to the fact I am falling asleep while I am writing it. 😴

 I have been walking around Tzfat all day and it’s been great, but there is a time that my legs tell me, “no more!”

 So this post will be about the perception of purpose and how love can affect the accomplishment of our goals:

 Our purpose can be accepted or created, it is up to you. 

 1: Bring the best out of yourself and accomplish everything you can for this world… congratulations you officially lived life right. 

 2: Accept a higher purpose, listen, live, and breath that purpose until the day you die happily content with yourself… congrats you have completed life…. again.

 So, what are the two constants between these very different ways of life?

 Both of these people have lived to their fullest extent, which means that they have officially died content with no regrets. This is an accomplishment which few accomplish.

 Now whichever you say is wrong or right does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Because once the day comes where someone compliments you without waiting for your response, and the veils are worn, it will only matter what you accomplished not what you felt you should have.

 This is supposed to be inspirational, so be inspired! 

 Ok great 😂

 Have a great night and enjoy your purposeful lives.

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Greed Will Benefit The Needy

Marvelous Monday

 The concept of greed is based off of the fact that selfishness is a negative trait. 

 I’m here to tell you that’s all a fallacy…

 It all started one cold winter night; the city looked almost peaceful covered in a white blanket of fresh snow. Unbeknownst to the comfortable families riding out the storm behind their wooden walls, there is a loner, wandering the streets almost frozen to the point of no return. He stumbles upon a house which stands out from the rest with its broad and tall appearance. The man with his last ounce of energy raps lightly on the door, for he only needs to come inside for a minute to warm up he thought. The faint sound of annoyance is heard from inside as the lock clicks open, and a well dressed man peaks around the side of the door and asks.

 “What is it you want to take from me?” 

 The old beggar answers, “nothing kind sir, just a minute in front of a warm flame is all I seek.”

 “I see,” says the haughty man, he looks behind him and says, “well come in then, just don’t muck up the carpets they stain easily.”

 The man walks in and already the feeling in his fingers starts to creep back into his frail hands. Immediately he rushes to the fireplace as he holds up his hands trying his best not to step on the rug which was lavishly strewn about in front of the fire. The owner just stares at the beggar in disgust as he takes a drag from his pipe…

 So.. that was a little heavy I know, here’s a smiley face to cheer you up 😊 and 🍕 

 Now that we have pizza we can learn what this story can teach the masses (us)

 I started off saying that to perceive selfishness as negativity was wrong. Which means that there must be a reason to assume that there are positive traits within this concept. 
 The man in the story who let the beggar in did a kind thing, did he not? Since he let the beggar into his home, probably saving his life, then this means that positivity fueled a positive action. 

 The actions we do throughout our lives are mostly selfish acts. Think about how good you feel when you help someone, or we are kind to another. The feelings which occur inside ourselves, are the driving factor with which our mind relies on to accomplish things on a daily basis. Without selfishness no one would be motivated to be productive or help anyone in any way, because there would be no reason to.

 So what I am trying to say is that selfishness can be a driving force behind our most heroic actions. Do not be fooled by labels, the world is a 2-sided coin, use the right side.