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Looking Through an Old Album

Wednesday Wobble 


“What we see through our eyes is only a grainy version of the reality which stands before us.”



We all know that we only step in our own shoes, and to even think for a second that someone else’s would be a better fit, then we know that we are missing something huge. Once we know that our challenges in life are tailor made for us, then we can accept the responsibility to push through them.


We do not judge, because we can see. 


We judge in reaction to the things we see.


When we see the old man talking to himself, we do not judge, for his age has caught up to him. At the same time, life seems to be showing us that every kindness has an evil, and visa versa; by having our eyesight be the givers of information, which we use as the substance to make a judgment on someone we can only begin to understand. (wow, run on sentence much?) As a nation and as a people, we need to realize the truth behind our shortcomings, and accept the fact that not being able to understand everything about a person on the spot, actually helps us with dealing with our problems.



Using our limited understanding to analyze and act upon a situation is the literal definition of a healthy understanding. Wanting more helps us by giving us drive to learn more, although keeping a distance from others who do not need our fractured picture of their lives taken into account.


All we do is reply to life, why not comment as well.


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Who is Your Chef?

Wednesday Wack


“One can be burned or Hardened, it is just a measure of commitment.”



The things we let get to us are so… amusing sometimes. From the slightest mistakes to the most innocent of gestures, we let these things get to us in such a way that it actually takes control of our temper and adds a little spice to it. This spice is created through a lack of understanding, and this empty space where compassion might reside is occupied by the monster which wishes to tame all of us.


The Chef

An all powerful being with the potential to warp reality! Who is this being you ask?

It is You! it is Me!!! The ones with the ability to take the punishment life will give us from time to time.We are the ones who have been insulted, and taken it as a lesson, and the people who can love the ones that need it, even when they might push you away.


It is amazing what we can do with our ability to strengthen ourselves and expand our palette to include even the spiciest of situations, and create the sweetness hidden in the meanings.


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What Lies Beneath

Whimsical Wednesday


 “The foggiest memories have the most valuable lesson hidden inside them, the reasoning for the fog.”



The lessons we learn through out our lives tend to get lost in the voids of our mind. Little spaces or lapses in our decision making process can easily create a gap where the lesson or knowledge we gained at that point in time is sucked down a rabbit hole we never seem to be able to find. Since we end up not having access to this knowledge, some say we might not end up needing it, and can live a healthy productive life without trying to remember the lapses in judgment we have gone through in the past.


These people are right to an extent, where there is not problem, there is no fix, but why can’t there be a better model?



Let us go on a journey where we can focus solely on becoming the best you; a land free of distractions, and full of focus. This place is reserved for the ones which try and try until there seems to be no end, but then they realize they were there the whole time. The journey we take to this magical kingdom is the failure and the loss, the fog we try and push through as it keeps us surrounded at all times. Every person has felt this way at least one time in our lives, and never wants to have to do it again. it is like we went through an initiation for the right to be better, the right to be more. Some live on this constant battle, and others reside in the land of wonder, and know they can push themselves even when laying among the rose petals.


 What are some of the effects of these two different paths one constantly decides to exist upon you ask?

 Well here is the light which breaks the fog, and the wind which disperses the shadows.


The ones who look to be in a state of enjoyment, and happiness, are the ones which reside in the posh decor of the ancient land. Others, who look to be stressed, and weakened just by the sight of life itself wander in the endless fog, unable to see the path to accomplishment constantly in front of them.



I do not mean to say that people with no problems and easy lives are in the right place and that people with problems and hardship are in the wrong. The claim is that the same person, with the same attributes and situation, can reside in both of these places at one point in time. Have you ever witnessed one of your friends get over a hurtle in his/her life, or if your child accepted their fate of not getting ice cream that day, and lived to tell the tale? Did you see the change in direction and focus when this happened? Did you experience the shift of reality where they lived? These changes happen top most of us and the way we look at the situation can change our reality.


That same situation happens at every moment, waiting for us to decide to put the pitchforks down, and take life while protecting our vital organs; instead of taking life one round at a time. When you feel as if you can and will change the direction or feeling of a negative situation, you will feel as if there was a bed of sheep with you as you went about your day.


We can change realty, one feeling at a time…



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Building the One True Life

Wednesday Wise


Time for Timelessness


When we look into the endless ticking of what seems like our lifeline, to the days we supposedly wanted to accomplish in the first place; all that is there are our wishes and others wants. Schedules help millions around the world set up their lives according to their mental state and long term goals. Using the abilities we learned and the knowledge we have gathered, there is an endless amount of varying paths to take on the journey we name life.

What Helps us Narrow our Path?


When the unimaginable power of current events begins to overwhelm even the most capable of us, where do we turn. There is only one place where a person will look toward when there are no more foreseeable paths. We rely on the only entity that will keep us in reality and drive our fears into the dirt. This wondrous, but overlooked part of our lives is exactly that, the parts of our life.


The way we structure our day, to the finest point affects our psyche in many different ways. There is power in what we are comfortable with, I know many will tell you to break out of your shell and go on an adventure. Extending your comfort zone is great, but not in the face of insanity. turtles have shells for a very specific reason, and without them, they wouldn’t even last one day on this beautiful earth. We have structure and expectation to keep us where we will be the most productive, we can wonder all day about what we could’ve or will do, but that will not matter in the reality where those actions occur.


Tea is Timeless


I am sure every one of you has heard of Tea Time.

This is a beautiful custom which so happens to prove this point perfectly. This simple practice, for those who do not know, involves a set time in the day where you just focus on the one action you are doing at the moment which so happens to be making and drinking tea. Obviously this is ,y personal explanation of the widely known practice, but the point is, we are so occupied with… basically everything!


So What?

 If we take the time to make a set time everyday to just focus, it does not matter what you focus, just that it is something which you moderately enjoy and will do consistently. 


Love the builder, Love the Building…


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Tempted Toward Disaster

Wednesday Warp


Finality and accomplishment, that is what most of us search for when creating a plan for success. What makes this such a great concept is the fact that we are lusting, and preparing, for a positive outcome. I love the fact that we as a species expect to succeed, it is the best self motivator for anyone even thinking of failure. You already succeeded in your plan, lets make it a reality.


As the title states there are those who do not follow this rule at every turn, and will tend to expect failure from within themselves, even before they give themselves a chance. Some might say they have failed before, and the proof is in the pudding. (or numbers) Although others claim to use their fear to keep themselves safe from the many unknown dangers that might arise from the leap of faith we all must take. Finally there are the ones which will have such complete doubt in their own abilities that their real world skill will suffer. From just thinking we are nothing, we become nothing.


It isn’t what we eat, its what we think.


I personally have been that situation. A few years ago i truly believed that i was not able to learn anything or do anything right, and i truly believed I didn’t deserve any of the recognition I got from the people that tried to show me what i really was. This set me on a path of self destruction which ultimately led me to actually fail the things I was trying to accomplish instead of just saying I was. Our thoughts bring affect our real-world actions in such a particular and impactful way.


We must be careful to not only watch our words, but our thoughts as well.


When I become a psychologist, I would rather have a patient who is truthful but full of despair, then someone who hides the little darkness he was behind a smile. Everyone needs a friend or just a little love, sometimes even the ones who “have it all figured out” are the ones who need the most guidance.


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Differences of Work and Wonder

Workin’ Wednesday


There is a song by Breaking Benjamin called Bury Me Alive —

Here’s it is on their VEVO


This term is used when you don’t want to necessarily die, buuut you’d rather skip whatever you are experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately this situation occurs more often then not and this is the way to dig out from whatever is keeping you buried.




We as humans base our decision making on what we want out of our lives. Being the selfish species we are, usually there is a path which will take us to the destination of our choice. This destination becomes a must instead of the want it was, to forcibly motivate ourselves in the face of impossible odds. this is needed as part of the adventure because of the hardships we sometimes endure. The need also increases the euphoric feeling once we achieve one of the many milestones which we put up for ourselves along the way. once we realize this and accept this, there is nothing left but the want to succeed that will bring you to your constant goal.





Happiness is a constant, not something which will finally be there permanently once we achieve it. Although, once accomplished, happiness in its purest form will be much easier to grasp, every time it is achieved. Accept and use this knowledge to motivate you in the direction of all of your milestones still untouched.



 Simply want to see light, want yourself to succeed continuously, and the world will stop forcing your need and nurse your growth.



Also i’d like to point out it is Net Neutrality Day of Action, so go free people!!!



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How to Focus on the Wild Side

Wild Wednesday 

 Frolic and be merry, for tomorrow brings us the nuisances of life.


 Everyone always had that one crazy kid in their class who you just had to laugh along with. Seeing the joy of another person sometimes affects us in so many ways we don’t even know about. The need for social affection stems from this concept as well. When we are around people we enjoy, we enjoy what is around us as well. 
 This works both ways so, like anything in this world, let’s try to make the best out of what we surround ourself with. 

 Now that we covered outside influences of the wild side, let’s talk about the meaning of the wildness within ourselves. 

 Have you ever caught yourself in a state of crazed joy, when you can’t really remember what you did or why. The moment when your with friends, and feel extremely comfortable in the social circumstance that you are in, so much so that you just let yourself go. Usually this will entail the deepest and truest you that there is.
 There is no thought

 There is no fear

 There is only enjoyment

 Bring the people you want to share yourself with closer to you, and you will be there, not some other person you really wish could just stop covering up for the true you. This brings us back to the concept of loving and enlightened, to be yourself. I have spoken about this in other posts, but I am sticking to a specific part of ourselves in this post.
 The part we try and hide for fear it will be hated and criticized.

 Us… that is it. We are afraid of ourselves. For what reason? The discrimination of the outside world, telling us what we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to want. 

 Only co-exist if it is you who is the one existing and the people around you who are doing the ‘co’.

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Be Underwhelmed to be Overwhelmed in the Future 

Wallowing Wednesday 

 Being accomplished on Sunday only leaves Monday to the unknown.

 Don’t get me wrong, I am not underplaying the concept of accomplishment. I only mean to say that some of us want to feel that rush of incredible feelings we get when we complete the things we want done. Sometimes we as humans will make the mistake of going to too far and will be overwhelmed in the process. Making this mistake can result in lost time, energy, and lots of lost love. 

 To love yourself is to feel you deserve love. If we are not accomplishing the things that we feel will help us, then why would we love ourselves in that moment. 
 A moment which is lost in our lives is a moment wasted. To be lost is to act without emotion. Love is the epitome of a positive emotion. Hence, if we act out of love for ourselves, then we can better love the ones closest to us. 

 The healthiest way to use inspiration, like everything else, is in moderation. This reinforces the concept of good and evil in everything in this world. Because even the most positively miraculous things can be a negative influence that can change your life. To take advantage of our moments of inspiration; like any successful general, strategizing is an integral part of becoming an accomplished person. 
 Use your time wisely so when time runs against you, you will always have more then enough. 

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Will Strives In the Face of Death

Wednesday Will

  Nothing can kill a will, or nullify it for that matter. The constant inspiration we try to achieve, comes from the endless pool of energy called will. There are two different kinds of wills, yet both have a similar conceptual meanings.
When there’s a will there’s a family:
 A will is a testimony for our post death wishes, in basic terms. People can see this as an opportunity to deliver feelings they couldn’t when they were with us, and others use it to make sure certain circumstances become reality.
 Whatever the case, we use this tool to deliver our ‘will’ onto the world around us. coincidentally, there are ways to banish this will into oblivion; the same way others can use our lack of confidence in ourselves to banish our internal will.

When there’s a will there’s a way:
 To push past the more difficult challenges in life we tap into our willpower to use as a force to drive us forward. The use of this power shows a strong connection with ones personal beliefs and goals. Because the inspiration you gain from your own willpower can be used to fortify your goals, there is a certain vulnerability when opening up to the fact that it is your own will.
 Once we accept that it is we who are the motivation to continue on, we start looking for that power again and again. This can sometimes lead to disappointment when the will isn’t strong enough to help us with the task at hand.

Why is this?
 When there is potential for success, there is a potential for failure, and with every growth the other side grows as well. This is why when we dont succeed at something that is ‘easy’ for us, the immediate response is usually to let ourselves get bombarded with negative thoughts of failure.
 Bringing out the goodness without the negativity is something which is learned over time. When challenged with something extreme your sub-conscious will push back with enormous amounts of will to counteract the impossibility of the situation. To be challenged is to be great, and to overcome challenge is to achieve greatness.
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Unplanned Days, Unplanned Successes 

Wild Wednesday 
 Today does not feel like a wednesday. From Rafting to hiking and even a little singing on the beach, there was nothing about this day that reminded me that it was a random day of the week. I was in this weekend mode during the whole day, I almost forgot to post today because of those mental auto-activities. 

 So, what happens when there is a gap in our schedule which could be beneficial for us to be doing, but all the same, makes it harder to accomplish what we do on a daily basis?

 To help understand this we must look upon Zig Ziglar and his array of motivational quotes, but this one I particular, 

 Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation? 

Zig Ziglar

 Looking for an excuse can be part of the challenge which hits us hardest on vacation days. To realize that vacation is used to recharge for more accomplishments, is the key to never letting a lazy day keep you down for more than a day, like it’s supposed to. 
 There are things we need rest from, and there are things we need more of, even if we feel like it was enough. Look deeper inside of you to really believe your contentment is just that, and not your unproductive self trying to break free…