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Blog Tip #3 Personal Consistency

“Don’t be discouraged by the stumbling blocks in life, they are there to climb on not just to trip over.”



On one of the hikes I recently went on


Consistency + Hard Work

The way we grow is through work, this is a basic concept we all understand as human beings. Just look at the people who have ‘made it’ in your eyes and you will see that they have worked for what they have or don’t have, no matter if we decide to accept it or not. Today’s tip is very reliant on the fact that we understand this concept or not, and if we do, can we apply it to our lives?


Become Consistent

One of the easiest parts of becoming consistent is that all you gotta do is right there in the title… be consistent. If you are having trouble writing your posts, or keep pushing it off until its never late enough, then creating a schedule will be your true best friend. A schedule will keep your consistency until you feel a little empty inside without completing your writing for that day/week/month.

If you ever feel like you might give up on your hard earned consistency, just remember how inspired you were the first time you made that decision to write every week, and never give it up.



The primary reason to be consistent is to grow your audience and to prove to the internet that you aren’t going away. When I started I made a commitment to write every day, and I kept it for 3 full months, that is probably how I grew faster than most bloggers, but I joined a post-highschool oversees program in Israel so I had to lower my writing expectations to two posts a week. I guarantee you will see results within a month if you keep your schedule, depending on what that particular schedule is. Keep doing what you do, and then do it some more…

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Nature of Change

Friday First


“Beginnings begin with a thought and continue with action.”


Finally! I have found the time to write on this blog that I love so much for the people that have given me the energy and inspiration to keep writing in the first place. 


I have been studying in Israel for the last few weeks, and it has been an experience unlike any other. My day consists of classes and meals, maybe an hour of free time, and a hike from time to time just to get the blood pumping. Beauty is the embodiment of where I live, with mountains in the distance, palm trees, and the views I have on a daily basis really help my creative writing in a big way. The impact my surroundings have had on me is something which I would like to expand on today.


Situational Circumstances

Many factors can lead to change in our lives, and these varying changes will hopefully have a positive affect on our lives. Change does not have to mean a total opposite, or different factor then a more familiar one. There can be improvement that we see as change, just as a person can still eat ice cream, but only at the right occasions, and will feel better about his control over his desires.


Many of us feel a missing link within our lives and believe we can fill it with more of the same, as long as we keep upping the ante. This is obviously not true, since we know that the definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same actions and expecting different results.


Proof From The Past

Last year I also studied in Israel and if you have read previous posts, you know I loved it. Although, I knew that I did not live up to my full potential, or accomplish all that I wanted to in the place I was last year, mentally and physically. Guess what? I changed my surroundings by applying to a different program and getting new visa paperwork, and all the other processes which I went through to make this switch occur. Of course I had help from my family to make this happen, and that really gave me the power to overcome my weaknesses and push myself to accomplish what I needed to achieve.


The change I am seeing on a daily basis is astounding, and I can thank my willpower, along with the proper environment which I put myself in. 

I really missed writing to ya’ll, and reading your incredible thoughts. Peace until next week 🙂




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How to Say Thank You

Tuesday Turn-over

“New beginnings, or repeating success?”



Hello to all of you who are seeking the Way of the Wise; these last few days my posting habits have been a little erratic. This is because I am getting ready to start school again in Israel. I am basically moving to a different country again, so I have a lot to prepare. When I start school again; in about a week, hopefully my writing will get much more scheduled.

Side note – If you ever have an argument or comment on what I am writing about, please comment below 😉 Love to hear your thoughts.

Before I write the Way of the Wise today 🙂 let me just thank all the people out there who have been reading and applying positivity to your lives. it is inspiring to know you people are out there!


I would like to write about appreciation today and the way we ooze passion about the subject.


A dear friend does something incredible for you, for the sole purpose of helping you in a time of need. There are usually two different types of responses to this sort of action.

  • Debt
  • Gratitude

The facts are that depending on your mental state we will feel varying emotions. There are different factors which can influence these reactions, although we are talking about an average, generalized situation, hopefully most of us can relate to.



Can we absolutely say that a thank you is enough?

I didn’t think so, more often than not, we feel an unmistakable pull towards giving back to the person which did good for us. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thought which drives our society in the right direction, most of the time. When we as respectable human beings, cannot take something without fulfilling this need to give back, sometimes it is caused by our acceptance that we aren’t good enough to receive and that someone wouldn’t give us without assuming we would give back to them.


We usually only see this in people with self-confidence issues, but it can manifest in the form of fear, where the person believes he must give back to keep up a personal image; or through victim-hood, where the person creates a false reality where the person is only giving because they feel pity for one’s self.


 We are awesome and accepting gifts/favors is just as important as giving them.



This is the most common of all the reactions to kindness, and the most healthy. Just a simple thank you, or I really appreciate it, can go farther then any favor. The kindest emotion we can show is appreciation, just to show our appreciation to other people can do incredible things!

sign-1715890_960_720 (1)

Bottom Line!

We love receiving good intentions, and people love giving their kindness; just make it simple and accept it, it makes everyone feel good, and showing our appreciation for someone else’s actions, will inevitably make you seem like more of an angel in their eyes.


Thank you for reading! 

If you would like to connect outside the WordPress blog-sphere, then follow me on Twitter, and the life changing conversations shall commence!


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The Mission

Thursday Third


“Committing one’s whole life to the service of their dreams will result in their dreams becoming reality.”



The way we go about our everyday lives, seems to tell us more about ourselves then any of the extraordinary instances that occur within it. It is very interesting how we let these small actions pass us by without a thought, when all we need is one thought to learn something incredible!


The Lesson

The single most important thing we can learn from this world, is that our purpose is what we make it, and if we have a goal, then reaching it requires all of your willpower and motivation to accomplish. There is nothing that can stand in your way, and nothing that has the ability to halt your dreams.


As our lives unfurl, there many ways we can let it go, but only one way we can shape it towards. When we dream, we must sleep, as to not hit the world too hard with an unexplained greatness. By dreaming while we walk, while we eat, and while we relax, we are building a world to shape into the path that we plan on heading.


When your life is your dream, then what does a measly challenge mean to you?

How can a hiccup in life be more important than what you will accomplish on this earth?

There are no wrongs to right, or mistakes to pave over, there is only what you will accomplish and how you will accomplish it.


The Mission

Being able to focus on the future is the second step of becoming your goal, right after accepting the fact that you have a mission. A soldier is able to push past normal human boundaries, and will constantly do the impossible. They are able to do this because of the singular fact, that it must be done, there is no cost. Nothing is important, but the mission; and once this is accepted we can accomplish something bigger then ourselves.


That my friends, is the key; we can live our life for ourselves, but than we would never be able to accomplish more then ourselves. By living according to what we need, we limit ourselves to the point of only seeing what must be done, and not what can be.


Caring is good, being selfish is good, although, do we always care for the right things, and are we selfish for the right reasons?


Unfurl – Daily Post

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Looking Through an Old Album

Wednesday Wobble 


“What we see through our eyes is only a grainy version of the reality which stands before us.”



We all know that we only step in our own shoes, and to even think for a second that someone else’s would be a better fit, then we know that we are missing something huge. Once we know that our challenges in life are tailor made for us, then we can accept the responsibility to push through them.


We do not judge, because we can see. 


We judge in reaction to the things we see.


When we see the old man talking to himself, we do not judge, for his age has caught up to him. At the same time, life seems to be showing us that every kindness has an evil, and visa versa; by having our eyesight be the givers of information, which we use as the substance to make a judgment on someone we can only begin to understand. (wow, run on sentence much?) As a nation and as a people, we need to realize the truth behind our shortcomings, and accept the fact that not being able to understand everything about a person on the spot, actually helps us with dealing with our problems.



Using our limited understanding to analyze and act upon a situation is the literal definition of a healthy understanding. Wanting more helps us by giving us drive to learn more, although keeping a distance from others who do not need our fractured picture of their lives taken into account.


All we do is reply to life, why not comment as well.


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How to Squash Self-Doubt

Tipsy Tuesday 


“What spins can stop, but what never has spun cannot know if it could.”



What we do on a daily basis is usually in the service of some sort of goal, or an end result of some kind. We hope that the things which we consider to be willy-nilly, that we must do everyday will somehow become the result we strive for, and if only we will keep doing what we think makes us feel accomplished, then that is succeeding. Although this helps lots of people keep pushing through life, I believe that repeatedly doing the actions which sustain our need for development might  be helpful, but it can also lead us down a dark path of under-achievement.


The only lesson I have for today is the following: 

We might feel like we waste time, or that we don’t waste enough time; or the fact that our schedules, which were originally supposed to bring us closer to our goal are now keeping us from it. I mean I know that sometimes when I decided to start or continue something in my life, it made sense for me and for my health, but now I look back and all it is doing is keeping me from my original goal. I find this somewhat saddening, but at the same time, I must rejoice, for I might not have achieved everything I would have liked, but I know in my heart, that I could tell myself that I was always trying, even if it meant utter destruction.


We bring our own peace, there is only the decision to deliver.

(also thinking about a new name, let me know if you have any suggestions)



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Life’s First Truth

Swift Sunday 


“The family is neither blood nor connection, it is simply who makes us forget we are smiling.”



Today my foster sister came over with her son for a few hours. I will be leaving to Israel for another year of education, so it was the last time I would see them for a while. We went to an arcade for my nephew and then got some food, it was a good day. We did what we had to do together in a jiffy, because that’s all the time we have with family sometimes.


Today I would like to talk about the concept of family and not just how our blood relatives, but the people of the world, become part of our family. 


You brush past your future wife, without knowing how much you two will care for each other. We just glance at the love of our lives without a second though, like if they would have been gone the next day we would have never been affected; but we know this already, and we know all about the funny ways the universe works from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and just the general way things go in our lives. How about the other aspects of our family, at what point do they become family?




When you first saw your little brother/sister, what was the feeling? Was it how your life would change, or just how you will manage to split your room? I personally am an only child, but I could imagine that you accepted that this baby was part of your family. Now fast forward a bit into our adult life, and the time when we have to finally choose what our family we look like. It boggles my mind that life prepares us by forcing a family on us, then lets us choose for ourselves who defines the word ‘family’ in our minds.


So don’t just wait around and let the world keep giving you your family, whether you enjoy them or not, they are your family and now you have a chance to choose who the rest of them will be.

Choose wisely, but fairly… 


Jiffy – Daily Word

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Who is Your Chef?

Wednesday Wack


“One can be burned or Hardened, it is just a measure of commitment.”



The things we let get to us are so… amusing sometimes. From the slightest mistakes to the most innocent of gestures, we let these things get to us in such a way that it actually takes control of our temper and adds a little spice to it. This spice is created through a lack of understanding, and this empty space where compassion might reside is occupied by the monster which wishes to tame all of us.


The Chef

An all powerful being with the potential to warp reality! Who is this being you ask?

It is You! it is Me!!! The ones with the ability to take the punishment life will give us from time to time.We are the ones who have been insulted, and taken it as a lesson, and the people who can love the ones that need it, even when they might push you away.


It is amazing what we can do with our ability to strengthen ourselves and expand our palette to include even the spiciest of situations, and create the sweetness hidden in the meanings.


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What Lies Beneath

Whimsical Wednesday


 “The foggiest memories have the most valuable lesson hidden inside them, the reasoning for the fog.”



The lessons we learn through out our lives tend to get lost in the voids of our mind. Little spaces or lapses in our decision making process can easily create a gap where the lesson or knowledge we gained at that point in time is sucked down a rabbit hole we never seem to be able to find. Since we end up not having access to this knowledge, some say we might not end up needing it, and can live a healthy productive life without trying to remember the lapses in judgment we have gone through in the past.


These people are right to an extent, where there is not problem, there is no fix, but why can’t there be a better model?



Let us go on a journey where we can focus solely on becoming the best you; a land free of distractions, and full of focus. This place is reserved for the ones which try and try until there seems to be no end, but then they realize they were there the whole time. The journey we take to this magical kingdom is the failure and the loss, the fog we try and push through as it keeps us surrounded at all times. Every person has felt this way at least one time in our lives, and never wants to have to do it again. it is like we went through an initiation for the right to be better, the right to be more. Some live on this constant battle, and others reside in the land of wonder, and know they can push themselves even when laying among the rose petals.


 What are some of the effects of these two different paths one constantly decides to exist upon you ask?

 Well here is the light which breaks the fog, and the wind which disperses the shadows.


The ones who look to be in a state of enjoyment, and happiness, are the ones which reside in the posh decor of the ancient land. Others, who look to be stressed, and weakened just by the sight of life itself wander in the endless fog, unable to see the path to accomplishment constantly in front of them.



I do not mean to say that people with no problems and easy lives are in the right place and that people with problems and hardship are in the wrong. The claim is that the same person, with the same attributes and situation, can reside in both of these places at one point in time. Have you ever witnessed one of your friends get over a hurtle in his/her life, or if your child accepted their fate of not getting ice cream that day, and lived to tell the tale? Did you see the change in direction and focus when this happened? Did you experience the shift of reality where they lived? These changes happen top most of us and the way we look at the situation can change our reality.


That same situation happens at every moment, waiting for us to decide to put the pitchforks down, and take life while protecting our vital organs; instead of taking life one round at a time. When you feel as if you can and will change the direction or feeling of a negative situation, you will feel as if there was a bed of sheep with you as you went about your day.


We can change realty, one feeling at a time…



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Tempted Toward Disaster

Wednesday Warp


Finality and accomplishment, that is what most of us search for when creating a plan for success. What makes this such a great concept is the fact that we are lusting, and preparing, for a positive outcome. I love the fact that we as a species expect to succeed, it is the best self motivator for anyone even thinking of failure. You already succeeded in your plan, lets make it a reality.


As the title states there are those who do not follow this rule at every turn, and will tend to expect failure from within themselves, even before they give themselves a chance. Some might say they have failed before, and the proof is in the pudding. (or numbers) Although others claim to use their fear to keep themselves safe from the many unknown dangers that might arise from the leap of faith we all must take. Finally there are the ones which will have such complete doubt in their own abilities that their real world skill will suffer. From just thinking we are nothing, we become nothing.


It isn’t what we eat, its what we think.


I personally have been that situation. A few years ago i truly believed that i was not able to learn anything or do anything right, and i truly believed I didn’t deserve any of the recognition I got from the people that tried to show me what i really was. This set me on a path of self destruction which ultimately led me to actually fail the things I was trying to accomplish instead of just saying I was. Our thoughts bring affect our real-world actions in such a particular and impactful way.


We must be careful to not only watch our words, but our thoughts as well.


When I become a psychologist, I would rather have a patient who is truthful but full of despair, then someone who hides the little darkness he was behind a smile. Everyone needs a friend or just a little love, sometimes even the ones who “have it all figured out” are the ones who need the most guidance.


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