How to Say Thank You

Tuesday Turn-over "New beginnings, or repeating success?"                                                 -Me?   Hello to all of you who are seeking the Way of the Wise; these last few days my posting habits have been… Continue reading How to Say Thank You

How to Squash Self-Doubt

Tipsy Tuesday  "What spins can stop, but what never has spun cannot know if it could."                                                                              … Continue reading How to Squash Self-Doubt

What Goes Around Will Keep Going

Tuesday Tumble Ah the belief that our actions will come back and either haunt or help us in the future. If we would give to the man with the cup on the side of the street then in our time of need, we will be given what we happen to need. This is a concept… Continue reading What Goes Around Will Keep Going

The Dangers of Safety Nets

Tuesday Teeth "What is healthy, is harder to tarnish.."                                                 -Me   The purity of our intentions can be misled if there is no reason to keep the path we walk straight.… Continue reading The Dangers of Safety Nets

Opportunities of the Past

Tuesday Tunnel "We all have history, although some ignore, while others adore" - Me?   Whenever there is a question of why, or the time to take action arises, and the reasoning has died. There is only one way to look, one direction to trust, and one path to uncover. This, is the question of… Continue reading Opportunities of the Past

Healthy Home, Happy Soil

Tuesday Truffle    The first step to recovery is admitting the problem is a reality. That is what they say anyway; but where does the motivation come from to even such things?   Before a city is created there must be a foundation from which to build up from. To believe in someone, there must… Continue reading Healthy Home, Happy Soil

See the Path Walk the Thought

Tuesday Turnover   Ah the relentless beauty of educational paper. Writing is the time where we can put our, once unspeakable thoughts, can be expressed. Now let us use this power to understand the way we can see beauty in the world around us, even with the dark cloud of negativity surrounding our view-port of life.… Continue reading See the Path Walk the Thought

Behind the Scenes of the Mind

Tremendous Tuesday  Today, I have brought all of us a special gift. This gift will be unlike anything we could have prepared for, let alone seen coming.  This is the gift of Reasoning.  You are part of the select few who have gotten backstage, behind the scenes, passes to none other but our minds. The… Continue reading Behind the Scenes of the Mind

Beautiful Places, Beautiful Minds

Tempered Tuesday  Love can be given, even if the receiver is something that cannot return.    I personally love hikes and everything about them energizes me. Today I went on a two hour hike which reminded me why I loved the adventure to such a degree. Being out there, in the wilderness, the quiet and… Continue reading Beautiful Places, Beautiful Minds

Last Hour of the First Day

Total Tuesday The ones we love can change but the reason we love them are forever. - Me...  Today was the last day of my program in Israel, and now it's time to go find some work in the holy land. I just wanted to reiterate some of my thoughts of the day, and what… Continue reading Last Hour of the First Day