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How to Say Thank You

Tuesday Turn-over

“New beginnings, or repeating success?”



Hello to all of you who are seeking the Way of the Wise; these last few days my posting habits have been a little erratic. This is because I am getting ready to start school again in Israel. I am basically moving to a different country again, so I have a lot to prepare. When I start school again; in about a week, hopefully my writing will get much more scheduled.

Side note – If you ever have an argument or comment on what I am writing about, please comment below 😉 Love to hear your thoughts.

Before I write the Way of the Wise today 🙂 let me just thank all the people out there who have been reading and applying positivity to your lives. it is inspiring to know you people are out there!


I would like to write about appreciation today and the way we ooze passion about the subject.


A dear friend does something incredible for you, for the sole purpose of helping you in a time of need. There are usually two different types of responses to this sort of action.

  • Debt
  • Gratitude

The facts are that depending on your mental state we will feel varying emotions. There are different factors which can influence these reactions, although we are talking about an average, generalized situation, hopefully most of us can relate to.



Can we absolutely say that a thank you is enough?

I didn’t think so, more often than not, we feel an unmistakable pull towards giving back to the person which did good for us. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great thought which drives our society in the right direction, most of the time. When we as respectable human beings, cannot take something without fulfilling this need to give back, sometimes it is caused by our acceptance that we aren’t good enough to receive and that someone wouldn’t give us without assuming we would give back to them.


We usually only see this in people with self-confidence issues, but it can manifest in the form of fear, where the person believes he must give back to keep up a personal image; or through victim-hood, where the person creates a false reality where the person is only giving because they feel pity for one’s self.


 We are awesome and accepting gifts/favors is just as important as giving them.



This is the most common of all the reactions to kindness, and the most healthy. Just a simple thank you, or I really appreciate it, can go farther then any favor. The kindest emotion we can show is appreciation, just to show our appreciation to other people can do incredible things!

sign-1715890_960_720 (1)

Bottom Line!

We love receiving good intentions, and people love giving their kindness; just make it simple and accept it, it makes everyone feel good, and showing our appreciation for someone else’s actions, will inevitably make you seem like more of an angel in their eyes.


Thank you for reading! 

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How to Squash Self-Doubt

Tipsy Tuesday 


“What spins can stop, but what never has spun cannot know if it could.”



What we do on a daily basis is usually in the service of some sort of goal, or an end result of some kind. We hope that the things which we consider to be willy-nilly, that we must do everyday will somehow become the result we strive for, and if only we will keep doing what we think makes us feel accomplished, then that is succeeding. Although this helps lots of people keep pushing through life, I believe that repeatedly doing the actions which sustain our need for development might  be helpful, but it can also lead us down a dark path of under-achievement.


The only lesson I have for today is the following: 

We might feel like we waste time, or that we don’t waste enough time; or the fact that our schedules, which were originally supposed to bring us closer to our goal are now keeping us from it. I mean I know that sometimes when I decided to start or continue something in my life, it made sense for me and for my health, but now I look back and all it is doing is keeping me from my original goal. I find this somewhat saddening, but at the same time, I must rejoice, for I might not have achieved everything I would have liked, but I know in my heart, that I could tell myself that I was always trying, even if it meant utter destruction.


We bring our own peace, there is only the decision to deliver.

(also thinking about a new name, let me know if you have any suggestions)



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What Goes Around Will Keep Going

Tuesday Tumble


Ah the belief that our actions will come back and either haunt or help us in the future. If we would give to the man with the cup on the side of the street then in our time of need, we will be given what we happen to need. This is a concept which has helped lots of us, including myself, become better people. If we absolutely believe, in our core, that our positive actions will react like the butterfly affect, and spread more and more goodness, then doesn’t it sound impossible not to do the absolute we can for ourselves and others?


A Proposition

Whatever good we do, we feel good about, and whatever evil that extends from ourselves, we fell lesser because of it. So I would like to delve into this concept, and not only answer the question of why we still tend to accept evil, but also to try and figure out a formula to prevent us from falling into regret. I believe there are three different things which tempt us to either react or act in a way which we as awesome people, will regret at some point in our lives. The reaction fueled by anger, the unfortunate mindset of sadness, and, of course, what we ignore but will always struggle with, our inevitable existence of Newtons Third Law within ourselves.

For the Law Click Here-



Love of Calm

Think back to the last time you got angry, and I do not mean that you were unhappy with something or you were missing one of your socks, and couldn’t complete the pair. I am referring to a time when all you saw was the disgusting aberration of the most evil part of the person or situation in front of you, and there was nothing but hate in your soul. In this moment was your first reaction to think of the best way to hurt the person which upset you; which would be the logical reaction to the situation, but no, for some reason there was no thought only emotion and nothing was able to stop you.


What do you think would be the only force that would have the power to take that kind of anger and release it in a healthy yet quick fashion?

Remembering the Calm…


I have not felt that angry in a little while, but when I have in the past, I have used the power of thought to overcome any actions which might have come out of those emotions.



Darkness Lifted

I am sure at least some of us have felt the weight which we call sadness, and hopefully we have overcome and worked on our minds to the point that we were able to lift and throw it away, with all the hardships that come with it. Although, this does not mean that events in our life do not sometimes make us feel that familiar darkness from time to time; and this malevolent will sometimes seduce us into doing, or not doing some questionable things.


The way life has taught me to overcome these feelings is to not just think about the situation, but to actually train our mind, even when we feel just a tinge of these evil emotions, to teach ourselves to reject and force ourselves to get up and brighten our day with accomplishments. Do these actions just to show yourself that not even a slight negative thought can cross our minds, and go undetected.


 You have the power to work out your positive mindset to the point of total control of yourself.



The Dark Side

I have a love Star Wars which I have mentioned in some of my other posts, but this concept of a choice between light and dark, and not just a choice, but the power to become powerful in any one is music to my ears. Being that when we make a decision to grow, in any way, there is a certain power that is fed within us. To Take part of a negative experience is to feed your beast, and to do something positive is to feed the boss within you.


Make sure to consume the right foods and to not get taken in by the addictive flavor of the negativity which resides in this world.

We, Us, Ourselves, Together

I believe in a better us, which will result in a better world. Be the change you want to see in yourself, the rest will follow! 🙂


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The Dangers of Safety Nets

Tuesday Teeth


“What is healthy, is harder to tarnish..”



The purity of our intentions can be misled if there is no reason to keep the path we walk straight. Take brushing our teeth everyday, essentially we are keeping a healthy surface so we don’t have a internal problem or pain in the future. We may not need the protection at the moment, but doing it day in and day out keeps our intentions on the same path, so we do not stray into the road of good intentions. (you know the one)


How do we Keep Expanding and Exploring with Barriers?


I am sure some of us have had the thought of the possibility of letting our safety nets keep us from experiencing the leap of faith. Doesn’t it make sense that the barriers we build to ward off the demons we conquered will keep us from experiencing the positive sides of the unknown world? Well think about it like this, would you go mountain climbing without harnesses, or scuba diving without scuba gear? How about buying your children toys with no choking hazard warnings, or joining a social group with no prior experience conversing with people?


We think of the things we get the most experience from and wonder how we would have done those actions without our most precious exploratory tool… Our barriers, the safety nets which keep us safe while bringing us to the outskirts of comparability.

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Opportunities of the Past

Tuesday Tunnel


“We all have history, although some ignore, while others adore” – Me?


Whenever there is a question of why, or the time to take action arises, and the reasoning has died. There is only one way to look, one direction to trust, and one path to uncover. This, is the question of our past, this question alone will provide the answer we need in order to move on.


The Future


I think of the future as one does with an ever-changing schedule, with an open mind. Coming to this realization is what unbinds us from the chains of repetitiveness, and lets us walk with newly found explorations and emotions we never thought we would let ourselves experience. Being in a state of happiness just means you don’t regret what occurred five minutes ago, and I am sure we all have been sad or let down by things that happened years or even millennia ago; but do we not try and hold back those monsters so angels can thrive in their stead. Challenge and misfortune come to every human begging for attention, but we fight and we hold the line between them and our love for the world around us.


Every time we gain ground on the forces of negativity, we learn and adapt to the nature which keeps us grounded. The very life we live is an interpretation of the future we will inevitably and fortunately experience. If we let ourselves fall for our own limitations, then freedom is forsaken and our own worst enemy is in the future, inside of us, nurturing on the safeties and fears we keep, only to limit our potential.


Freedom is discovering the past to change your future for the better 🙂


The Past


I would like to believe the past is something which is defined by the beholder. Not just a projection of what our feeble understanding of the mind conjures for us. Memory is taken for law in court, but not trusted when a loved one needs to trust it most. Hate, love, anger, and kindness are just some examples of emotions which almost everyone has had change their perception of the past. We love our hero, so in turn we remember the good times where we were most affected. The anger we feel for our worst enemy blocks out the times of understanding and corrupts us with inexplicable and unintelligent actions.


When we decide to feel emotion and stop caring what the world wants us to feel, freedom is there. Although letting your emotions guide your action without recourse is just another form of prison. Love is great, but do not mistaken what you love for what is right.


Please keep on loving and sharing the possibility of happiness, just be careful of why, the reasoning will decide the repercussions. 


Traditionally speaking of course.

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Healthy Home, Happy Soil

Tuesday Truffle  


 The first step to recovery is admitting the problem is a reality. That is what they say anyway; but where does the motivation come from to even such things?


Before a city is created there must be a foundation from which to build up from. To believe in someone, there must be proof of trust. This shows the only way to be a sturdy healthy productive human being, is to have a sturdy foundation from which to grow. Integrating this into our lives can change the way we think about every step-to-step process which we read or write about. How can we put our lives in the hands of an entity with no trustworthy source of power.




Coming from a healthy home is valued and cherished extensively because of this specific concept. Parents are on the front lines and the ones that try their best deserve recognition beyond what we could give them. Ultimately though, the individual will get to a point where they must make a decision and only rely on their own past and instinct.


Where do you think the decision making skills come from?


We as adults have the responsibility to make sure the future generations have the abilities they need to be independent. The soil from which we grow can only be as fruitful as the water, sunlight, and other nutrients allow it.


Give yourself a fighting chance not all of us are lucky enough to start growing with the healthiest of foundations…

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See the Path Walk the Thought

Tuesday Turnover 

 Ah the relentless beauty of educational paper. Writing is the time where we can put our, once unspeakable thoughts, can be expressed. Now let us use this power to understand the way we can see beauty in the world around us, even with the dark cloud of negativity surrounding our view-port of life.
 Have you ever walked outside looking for something you just can’t put your finger on; something alluding in every Corey of your mind. Then, once you reach that first ray of sunshine, it is just the world. All we see are the cars passing, the clouds parting, the people passing, or nothing, nothing at all. What we hoped would help us travel to our final destination, has been there the whole time, nothing new nothing less. There was hope to find an answer, and what was there was only the expected, the known.

There is a way to see your truth.

There is a way to see something new.

Then there is a way to see the predicted.

 When I walk outside on a productive day, I don’t just see the darkened clouds, I see the sun doing its best right behind. Choices are the epitome of our existence, it is what makes us more then our fellow creations. It is unfortunate that even when we share our truth with another, they can only see a glimpse of what we are trying impose on their world; but only an individual can decide for ones self, and that decision is the only way to see happiness and feel the light.
 So, next time we start to let the corners of our vision darken, try to use your truth, and only yours, to find the light. 
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Behind the Scenes of the Mind

Tremendous Tuesday

 Today, I have brought all of us a special gift. This gift will be unlike anything we could have prepared for, let alone seen coming.

 This is the gift of Reasoning

 You are part of the select few who have gotten backstage, behind the scenes, passes to none other but our minds. The most unpredictable, confusing, and seemingly random entity to exist in our known universe.

 What happens behind the scenes every time we make a decision which can affect our whole day, if not our whole lives?

 Isn’t it beautiful that we have the freedom and ability to question and understand ourselves, to a point which we can actually discuss the concepts which our psyche relies on?

 It is btw…👌🏻

 That ability gives us almost a superhuman understanding which we can use for the good of the ones around us, or the destruction everybody else. The responsibilty is with every decision we make, and the affects of these decisions will depend heavily on the motivation of the action. To judge one on action alone is a to judge a man at trial without letting him utter a word. 

 Our words are our communication, but our mind will ultimately decide what we say and how we say it. 

 Unlock your true potential by simply looking within your own motives. 


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Beautiful Places, Beautiful Minds

Tempered Tuesday

 Love can be given, even if the receiver is something that cannot return.


 I personally love hikes and everything about them energizes me. Today I went on a two hour hike which reminded me why I loved the adventure to such a degree. Being out there, in the wilderness, the quiet and all the noise all of the same time. I felt a togetherness with the people around me, which I haven’t felt in a while. 


 I am staying in a town which imbues relaxation into your bones on a daily basis. The hike was a source of determination while being relaxing at the same time. This helped with the stress of what I have to do at my job, while letting me see how lucky I am that I could see these beautiful sites, by just walking down the street. 


Watch your surroundings to a degree of ecstasy. Instead of being worried about how much there is in this big wide world of ours. 
 Love the home, love the mind which makes it a home. 

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Last Hour of the First Day

Total Tuesday

The ones we love can change but the reason we love them are forever.

– Me…

 Today was the last day of my program in Israel, and now it’s time to go find some work in the holy land. I just wanted to reiterate some of my thoughts of the day, and what we can learn from the finalization of something, to the start of something else. 

Bring sadness to accomplishment, the result will be procrastination every time without fail. 

 The feelings that are brought into a situation will affect the level of success the person has in the endeavor. So too, if I would think of the ending of my stay in one place as a negative, then it will be a negative. When saying goodbye to some of the other participants of my program, there is a concept I see which brings me into the world of darkness. I see the end of a relationship, I see the loss of our influence on each other, and I see someone going on with their life while I still am figuring out the direction I want to take.

 Although I do feel accomplished, there is a point in which we all want more and at that point is where we have to push ourselves, because if we stand still in the presence of inspiration then there will be a loss of opportunity. Which will result in a lowered self esteem which will stem from the fallacy that you failed, even though all it was was a lack of action. 

 Don’t worry when it will be your last day, worry for the day that will be your first. Because, like the your last, you only have one first day….