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Blog Tip #4 Social Secrets

Today I will be sharing one of the fundamentals of marketing your posts. Applying these techniques will:

  1. Increase Traffic
  2. Popularize Your Brand
  3. Expose You Too New Audiences

The magic phrase today is… SOCIAL MEDIA!

The power of the internet is astronomical, and the fact that we have the ability to access the world in an instant at our fingertips is incredible. To use this power in the most productive way possible, we must put in the time to find the best sites for sharing our wonderful pieces of art we call posts. I have done the research and have a list of the sites you should focus on for whatever purposes you need.

This will be a new subcategory that I will be writing as part of the Tuesday Blog Tip. I will call it Social Secrets and it will feature a different website every time. Today’s lucky winner is a tool which every self-respecting blogger should know about.


This site is great for increasing your viewership, as well as boosting your stats in general. StumbleUpon is a webpage viewer which helps you “stumble upon” different websites you that have been shared by other “Stumblers” on the site. Every person that stumbles upon your page will see your post which will open up a whole new part of the internet up to you. It’s quick and easy to make an account, and it costs nothing to do so.









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The Effort of Our Lives

“Being worthy is up to the beholder, becoming worthy is up to us.”



Wow! It has been a long 2 weeks, but lo and behold, I have returned!

In this post, I would like to talk about a recurring theme in all of our lives, and something which we would love nothing more than to master. We will discuss the reasoning for it, the varying effects, and then how we can use this wonderful concept to improve our lives in a truly beautiful way.

Drum Roll Please…. dum dum dum dum!

The winner is Effort 🙂


Why do we need effort?

Everybody has their own answers for this simple yet important question.

In this society we think in terms of value and subjective thought processes, to truly become consistent we must become objective within our lives and focus on what truly matters. If what you believe in, is your work, then you will apply these skills there, if it is family, then you will think this pertains to them, and if it is friends, you will take this socially. We need effort for one reason, and that is the concept of worthy accomplishment.

When we work hard for something, there is a sense of completion which we rarely achieve in our lifetimes. We see this in many cases such as research papers and high-intensity housework. 🙂 Think of the times we are given the keys, do we feel good about having it, or are we proud of ourselves for reaching the point where we could put the pedal to the metal?


The Arbel cliffs I climbed last week…


Real Happiness

We can buy happiness, but as we know, that doesn’t last too long, and if it does we have given up on true accomplishment. Waking up at the crack of dawn every day may be hard, but there is that feeling of happiness we get by the time we are awake. That feeling is worth all the hardships in the world because we know it is real…


Praise yourself for your hard work, and your achievements will come naturally. 


(pictures by me)


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Reflecting Into Others

Sunday Sixth


“The shimmering lights are lit by the ones who enjoy their glow the most of all..”



Glass has always mesmerized me. The way it glistens, reflects, and is translucent is a wonder to me. I love the  how we can see ourselves, and the other side at the same time. It is like how editing videos brings things to life on camera that can never happen in reality. The glass brings the two things together that never would have been without its existence, our personal outlook, and the view of others about us. As we stand in front of the windowpane, wondering is that what we really look like? We see through the eyes of others, while staying mentally planted in our own minds. This is one of ways we can start to understand each other to a point of peace through understanding.


The Reflection

A way of feeding our anxiety, or the path to knowledge, this concept has toppled the greatest believers and the strongest of will. We have looked in the mirror to check ourselves before we go out of our comfort zone, or just to check the blemish that was there before is now residing elsewhere. The fact we have the ability to see our physical selves opposite us, is a paradox within itself. We use this power to make sure we are up to par for others, or just to relish a new look. Whatever the case may be, it is juts a reflection, by definition, it is the opposite. The backwards way we believe will help us be accepted is the backwards belief that we cannot accept ourselves. We can and must believe in ourselves and not just what the reflection hides on the other side.


Past the Glass

Look into glass as you see the clear material,  but not just that, you see lot of blurs and other objects you can’t make out; not until you realize you can let your eyes relax and sort of focus past the glass, and onto whatever is on the other side. This was my first time realizing that I can choose what to focus on, (at least the first time I remember) I was very young, but for some reason, the fact that I could choose what I wanted to see and how deep I wanted to look into what I was seeing changed my view of the world forever.



I believe in a choice, and choice to see and do good. I do not just mean the actions we do, but the lessons we share through our actions make a difference on the people around us to. We each shimmer in our way, some focus on the layers of glass, and some see past the glass, and into a future where the reprecussions of their actions are taking place in the moment.


We can judge ourselves in the reflection, or look far away into the glass, but we will always be improving the shimmering image in the glass, the opposite, the thing we are if we look a little too long…


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The Dangers of Safety Nets

Tuesday Teeth


“What is healthy, is harder to tarnish..”



The purity of our intentions can be misled if there is no reason to keep the path we walk straight. Take brushing our teeth everyday, essentially we are keeping a healthy surface so we don’t have a internal problem or pain in the future. We may not need the protection at the moment, but doing it day in and day out keeps our intentions on the same path, so we do not stray into the road of good intentions. (you know the one)


How do we Keep Expanding and Exploring with Barriers?


I am sure some of us have had the thought of the possibility of letting our safety nets keep us from experiencing the leap of faith. Doesn’t it make sense that the barriers we build to ward off the demons we conquered will keep us from experiencing the positive sides of the unknown world? Well think about it like this, would you go mountain climbing without harnesses, or scuba diving without scuba gear? How about buying your children toys with no choking hazard warnings, or joining a social group with no prior experience conversing with people?


We think of the things we get the most experience from and wonder how we would have done those actions without our most precious exploratory tool… Our barriers, the safety nets which keep us safe while bringing us to the outskirts of comparability.

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True Standards

Mass Monday 


“Our faults are the key to our ultimate success.”

                                                                 –  Me?



What is sub-standard to me?


What is so low that even I deem it unworthy of my attention?


If there are any answers to these questions, we must know why before allowing ourselves to put others on a lower shelf. I am sure we consider ourselves a caring people, generosity and prosperity flow through our veins, or we wished it did. Either way, one must become a paradox if we are to attain our best self.


To think of ourselves as dust, while claiming we are the rightful king, is the only way a person can live happy.


Accepting that we aren’t the most important thing in the universe and there are things greater can help us see the people around us who need us the most. While believing we are royalty sets responsibility and self respect which can be challenged by no other.


Love ourselves but only to the point we need, find your own personal line. It is the only thing keeping us from the other side.


Have a great day, just a thought today, no big reveals about human nature or the beauty of time, just a thought…


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Being Everyone Else

Smooth Sunday


If you have been reading my content then you realize I sometimes write these posts which take a familiar and accepted concept, then break it down and re-build it in a way which can be used by us in the most productive way.


Well, This is One of Those


Everyone wants to feel like they want to belong within their realm of reality. Part of what helps build a society is the collaborative wanting of a group of people to be the one who contributed what was needed. Belonging is meaning, and once we find meaning our search is over.


Lots of psychologists and therapists will understandably recommend getting comfortable around other people; while they say to feel positive and happy in your own skin as well. While this isn’t a paradox, it is still a challenging feat to achieve. Just think about this one line of thought, if one is comfortable with others, does this mean that peace is on the inside, or is the facade just that, a facade.

Come closer

Ignoring the Possibilities


What we are does not have to do with what we decide to be okay with, or what others decide is good for us to accept. What we are, is the manisfestation of all the possibilities and reality which occurs within our range of knowledge. That is what we can be and what we are, not what we are willing to accept. We live with ourselves everyday, and to say that we are what we vbelive is to ignore the rest which we do not have control of.


 That is not to say there isn’t hope for more to become, it just means the possibilities of success were just increased by 100%…



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What is Needed or What is Done

Thursday Throne


 What is worth doing, and what must be searched for?


Since the day we are conceived into this world, from the moment we have to make a decision, there are a lot of experiences which shape our future thought processes down the line. Experience will affect the decision we make later in life down to the why and the what. This creates the logical component which helps drive our purposeful reasoning.


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

The world may never know, originality is dispersing and becoming unwanted. The only real thing about the challenge the fact of whats in the center.


I gain my reasoning from an array of sources, these include:

  • My personal goals
  • Why I choose those goals
  • What I am willing to do to accomplish these goals.


How can we as responsible people make a firm decision to go through hell and fire to achieve what we have written in stone as purpose. Doesn’t it boggle your mind the way we create importance and put it within a concept or title. There is no logical way to allow ourselves even a bit of discomfort for the feeling or position of accomplishment.


Sorry for the short post today, I was just thinking about this concept and how it affects our lives.


 Don’t live for the reward that someone else created, to have an original goal, the reasoning and every other step of its creation must be pure as well.


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Ready or Caper Here Life Comes

Monday Mood

I have been on the receiving end of Life’s many curve-balls, and I have noticed the common response which most humans have to the chaos we dare not understand.



The place which only few are aware of, but many go.

That place we love so much, but are fearful at the very mention of it.






Each of our escapes vary from the person which is experiencing the unpleasantness. Many of us would rather call it a “happy place” but the concept of escape has been ridiculed to many times in the past for me to let us give it a false name.



I am a firm believer in the conceptual re-precautions of using life’s tools the wrong way. 


There is nothing more disastrous then believing in negativity exclusively within an entity. Everything has a useful productive side which we can all learn from, and use to help and support the world in which we thrive.



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Being the Edge 

Don’t just live on the edge, be the edge which infuses confidence into the ones which walk on your narrow ledge. 


 How to climb a thread:

To be one with the extremely successful, extreme measures must be made. (Duh right?) Well sometimes this can be hard to do but once we understand that we are always on the edge of awesomeness; then we can freely become what we always truly desired.


The first step to the pinnacle of your life will always be to commit yourself to the path you wish to walk. Then, after you firmly believe in the concept of a successful you, take evasive action. This means you must do something that doesn’t make perfect sense but feels sorta right. Mixing of emotion and logic will result in the perfect blend of a confidence building action.
☝🏼(I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while so feedback on it would be appreciated)


 Resting Peacfully on the Ledge:

Learn to be calm in a a hailstorm, and a rainstorm will seem like a sunny day…
You can weather out the storm (see what I did there) and be the storm at the same time!?!


The chaos which keeps us away from our personal ledges will always be the number one protection, and enemy of our accomplishment. Using our protective chaos can bring our success cap up to new heights; by breaking the chaos which clouds the judgment will result in a balance of ones rational.


Inner peace will triumph in the place of adversary, and thrive in the glory of tranquility.


The sound one makes when clashing with ones own shadow can only be described with a slow clap, and a strong heart.


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To Tether or not to Tether

That is the question…

Thorough Thursday


What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word Tether?


Is it the rope we use for mountain climbing?


Or is it the connection we feel when the trust of another affects our very existence?


This connection has been the power behind the affects most relationships have, and the beauty which friends give each other. Every time strength is passed from one to another, this concept is brought to light with all its glory, and the darkness which can be tapped into if chosen.


The power of helping someone that means something to you is the ultimate kindness you can bestow onto another person.


There are two types of hooks in this world. 

There are the ones that hold you in place. 
There are the ones that Help you climb higher.
Then there are the ones which will slip and only help your downfall.
Tether onto the hooks that will only bring you up, and at the times when you just need to mellow out and take a look at life; be with the people in your life which are just there because of the relationship you have with them.

Only you can decide the next step in which you need/want to go. Only you can let the hooks guide you in the only direction…




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