Timely Tuesday

It's about time to act!  Look around and what do you see?   A person not accomplishing his dreams but instead wasting his time with useless actions. Maybe another burger eaten and not a pound lost, or even the time by the water cooler, with people using it as a socially accepted platform for their lies… Continue reading Timely Tuesday

Magic Monday

Positivity From Unusual Places   This morning I woke up pretty sick, sneezing coughing, all of that. It had to be the spirit of Monday trying to dissuade me into believing that I should just sit in bed and play video games with pizza all day. Now I may or may not have done that but… Continue reading Magic Monday

Our Most Powerful Tool: Imagination

Successful Sunday  When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do on Sunday was read the Sunday comic strips that everyone knows and loves. Just to get a small dose of humor every week was nice to look forward to. Among my favorites were Doonesbury, Zits, and Hagar the Horrible. I loved them… Continue reading Our Most Powerful Tool: Imagination

How To Unburden Yourself 

Throwaway Thursday   I hope that you had an incredibly successful week and got a lot done. It is almost the end of the week and there are lots of relief among the masses. Though, there are some of us who have had a lot of stress and maybe even some failures along the past few… Continue reading How To Unburden Yourself 

Pursuit of Perserverance 

Wednesday Wisdom A love of something brings forth a need to acheive it. This need is what drives us to do what we have to for the accomplishment of our personal goals. So you love a specific car and would do anything to get your hands on it. Then one day I come over to… Continue reading Pursuit of Perserverance 

Sunday DoneDay

A day to look back upon  Hope that you are relaxing maybe with some tea in your bed, and I hope you enjoy the article ahead.😀   Some wake up this fine day and only focus on all they have to do the coming week. Some wake up with a clarity of how much they have… Continue reading Sunday DoneDay

Steps to Greatness: The Path

To lead you to yourself To be the most amazing individual we can be feels so amazing and satisfying in those moments of greatness. Being in a constant state of mind like that can be challenging even to the best of us. How do we keep a constant expectation of ourselves? How does this incredible… Continue reading Steps to Greatness: The Path

What is Your Purpose?

All of us have watched at least some form of the classic underdog movie in which the character finds his true passion and becomes extremely successful in what he does. It is extremely satisfying to feel like you have found your calling, your purpose, if you will. The positivity we feel from realizing that you… Continue reading What is Your Purpose?

Which is More Important, Good or Evil?

These two aspects have been at "war" since the beginning of the conceptual creation of ideas. Every time we compartmentalize the ideas of good and evil there becomes a rift where there was none before. To say these two siblings are the classic good-evil brother movie pair is to say that we as a people… Continue reading Which is More Important, Good or Evil?

Repetition in Your History

  To think that we are a purely evolving race is to believe that every step is a step-forward. Even if we don't notice this, the things that make our society are on an endless circle which will always come around again. What this entails is a misconception of what we call creativity opposed to… Continue reading Repetition in Your History