Age is but a Number, and Volume is but a Word

The way our minds go about making decisions has a lot to do with the amount of pros and cons that have to do with that decision. Like in the classic case of the cup, life can be full of light, or consumed with darkness. By measuring the volume of our lives we can assess… Continue reading Age is but a Number, and Volume is but a Word

Belief in the ForgottenĀ 

 Why do we see the things in which we want and not what we have to?   To believe in something is to have a logical reasoning as well as an emotional belief in the concept to which we are speaking. Every belief has different needs that must be filled in order for what is being… Continue reading Belief in the ForgottenĀ 

Whispers Don’t Scream

  The things we hear about the people we care for will always be critical. To want to expect something better of a person you respect is a perfectly normal human psyche. Sometimes thou this creates false expectations and such for the people we should be giving the benefit of the doubt. This also creates… Continue reading Whispers Don’t Scream

Sunday Viewport for the Week

Picture This: A person sees himself and another. There are no other people in this construct but the two he sees before him. Then he sees the man that mirrors himself step backward and the other person step forward. What is happening here that we can use to improve our own future? :Picture That  The… Continue reading Sunday Viewport for the Week

Start of My Daily Writing Sheduale

I will be doing a day-specific psychological idea, daily.  So hopefully we could spread a deeper understanding and knowledge to each other. Today is officially Friday so here it goes:      Since 20 years ago when Friday 13th began being feared and resented; America still loses $900 million yearly due to unproductivity. Because of… Continue reading Start of My Daily Writing Sheduale