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What Challenges Give Us

Thursday Thwack


“Looking for a way out, is the best way to find one.”



We push ourselves everyday to see the results we work so hard for. Day in and day out we work and accomplish an incredible amount. We all have different processes which get us to that point of empowerment, but once we do, it doesn’t matter how, only that it is. The only thing that we are thinking about once we decide to start working on something is the product, and the final stages of perfection.


This stage is obviously our end goal, but have we ever started working, and then slowly lost interest? Slowly slowly that feeling of, I would rather not be doing this starts to creep in. At that point is where our goal of a finished product become blurred and unceremonious. Although, this point in time gives us a chance to strengthen our resolve, and not only create something incredible; but also to never give into our more petty desires again.


Every challenge is a chance to become even better then we once were!

Believe in this concept, and all of our dreams will come true!



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The Mission

Thursday Third


“Committing one’s whole life to the service of their dreams will result in their dreams becoming reality.”



The way we go about our everyday lives, seems to tell us more about ourselves then any of the extraordinary instances that occur within it. It is very interesting how we let these small actions pass us by without a thought, when all we need is one thought to learn something incredible!


The Lesson

The single most important thing we can learn from this world, is that our purpose is what we make it, and if we have a goal, then reaching it requires all of your willpower and motivation to accomplish. There is nothing that can stand in your way, and nothing that has the ability to halt your dreams.


As our lives unfurl, there many ways we can let it go, but only one way we can shape it towards. When we dream, we must sleep, as to not hit the world too hard with an unexplained greatness. By dreaming while we walk, while we eat, and while we relax, we are building a world to shape into the path that we plan on heading.


When your life is your dream, then what does a measly challenge mean to you?

How can a hiccup in life be more important than what you will accomplish on this earth?

There are no wrongs to right, or mistakes to pave over, there is only what you will accomplish and how you will accomplish it.


The Mission

Being able to focus on the future is the second step of becoming your goal, right after accepting the fact that you have a mission. A soldier is able to push past normal human boundaries, and will constantly do the impossible. They are able to do this because of the singular fact, that it must be done, there is no cost. Nothing is important, but the mission; and once this is accepted we can accomplish something bigger then ourselves.


That my friends, is the key; we can live our life for ourselves, but than we would never be able to accomplish more then ourselves. By living according to what we need, we limit ourselves to the point of only seeing what must be done, and not what can be.


Caring is good, being selfish is good, although, do we always care for the right things, and are we selfish for the right reasons?


Unfurl – Daily Post

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What is Needed or What is Done

Thursday Throne


 What is worth doing, and what must be searched for?


Since the day we are conceived into this world, from the moment we have to make a decision, there are a lot of experiences which shape our future thought processes down the line. Experience will affect the decision we make later in life down to the why and the what. This creates the logical component which helps drive our purposeful reasoning.


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

The world may never know, originality is dispersing and becoming unwanted. The only real thing about the challenge the fact of whats in the center.


I gain my reasoning from an array of sources, these include:

  • My personal goals
  • Why I choose those goals
  • What I am willing to do to accomplish these goals.


How can we as responsible people make a firm decision to go through hell and fire to achieve what we have written in stone as purpose. Doesn’t it boggle your mind the way we create importance and put it within a concept or title. There is no logical way to allow ourselves even a bit of discomfort for the feeling or position of accomplishment.


Sorry for the short post today, I was just thinking about this concept and how it affects our lives.


 Don’t live for the reward that someone else created, to have an original goal, the reasoning and every other step of its creation must be pure as well.


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To Tether or not to Tether

That is the question…

Thorough Thursday


What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word Tether?


Is it the rope we use for mountain climbing?


Or is it the connection we feel when the trust of another affects our very existence?


This connection has been the power behind the affects most relationships have, and the beauty which friends give each other. Every time strength is passed from one to another, this concept is brought to light with all its glory, and the darkness which can be tapped into if chosen.


The power of helping someone that means something to you is the ultimate kindness you can bestow onto another person.


There are two types of hooks in this world. 

There are the ones that hold you in place. 
There are the ones that Help you climb higher.
Then there are the ones which will slip and only help your downfall.
Tether onto the hooks that will only bring you up, and at the times when you just need to mellow out and take a look at life; be with the people in your life which are just there because of the relationship you have with them.

Only you can decide the next step in which you need/want to go. Only you can let the hooks guide you in the only direction…




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Sunny Side Down

“In no certain terms can we determine what is good unless we have a firm understanding of the essence of evil.”

                                      – Me


 I love seeing the greatness in the world, and I’m sure you all do to. Being able to understand what is incredible about every individual is an astounding accomplishment. The way we view our world is the way our world is. 

 If we perceive the man who dropped of the mail as late and obnoxious, then he is late and obnoxious. This is the way of the world, and nothing can change it… well, besides you. 

 Since you can imagine positivity, you can change the world world just by your attitude towards something. We have much more power then we believe in our minds and in our hearts. The awesome power of creation lies within us, and the only way to harness it is to believe. 

 I know it sounds cheesy but just knowing you possess this conceptual power can remove almost any mental blocks or past traumas that have kept you down since you can last remember. 

  Be the change! Not just the change, but he the exaple in which we all will follow!

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Rule of Thumb

Thunder Thursday

 As humans we seek direction, always from above but never from within.

 Bring all of the wars and peace, and the treachery and kindness. There is always a common factor which all of these concepts entail, direction. Every decision brings forth new rules and consequences. How can we respect the rules of the people around us, when you have to trust an outsiders judgment in place of our own.

 Has anyone ever created something without laws, rules? Everything has a goal. To claim responsibility you have to have reason to. Why be responsible for something that will not do or be anything. Just a faceless relic in the shadow of its peers. 
 Although, to live under everyone else’s rules will only hurt your independence in the end.

 Be what you are to unlock your own personal morals. We as humans create a shield of sorts to keep order and balance to the body, mind, and soul. 

 Being yourself requires you too not just let go of others, but to also let go of the fear for acceptance, or you will never truly be free.

 Enjoy the weekend and love to all, 

 Be a criminal to the laws that keep you chained, and act as a law man when given control of your actions.

Sorry I posted with notes to edit, I apologize

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Just a Memory…. or is it a Thought? 

Thinking Thursdays

 “Brought upon my world was all that will happen, and all the possibilities of the past.” 

                                              – My Brain

 We normally believe the past is the only trustworthy concept in our universe. Because we don’t have the ability to physically change the past, we wrongfully think that the past itself is written in stone. While the belief is technically true, it lacks one major insight into our psyches which will change the world forever! 

 What we ‘remember’ as the past is just a collection of emotions, which correlates itself as a picture.  

 This means that if you were in your room as a child, and found your old action figures, you would remember the times you played with them with your friends, and all of the times you went into a world which you created based on the figures you had. These memories are focused on emotion in every sense of the word. 

 True happiness is said to be found when you are at peace with yourself. To be at peace is to have no negative or positive emotions with the thing you are feeling for. 

 Peace, is a state of being…

 Wouldn’t this imply that the only connection we have to the past, our memories, would be shaped by the ideals which ultimately achieve true happiness. I know that I would like to remember my memories around what made them important to me. The only reason why the memories last at all are because of the emotions, and the actions which stemmed from them. 

 Sometimes our thoughts and memories swirl together like vanilla and chocolate; tricking even the brightest of minds into basing their decision on the past. While learning from our past is a great way to keep life original and not make the same mistake again, there are a lot of positive outcomes that can occur if we looked into the present for the answers we seek. 

 Contemplating the present can become an endless cycle to those who do not love the future.

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Accomplishment Applied To Our Future

Sunday Sustainability

One lesson which I acquired today was, with work comes fruitfulness. No matter what situation you are in, the amount of satisfaction we get from something depends heavily on the amount of work which is put into it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go on another hike today pretty close to Jerusalem. On this hike there was a plan to stop off by a place in which we can swim. Problem was that no one thought of making sure it was reliable information, so we ended up just going to an empty pit which had a little water on the surface. Of course I didn’t really mind i just loved the hike back and the staircase down later…

Every time I go on one of these adventures, there is a certain natural spring in my step, and a joy throughout my thoughts. The number one trick for me to stay in a positive mindset throughout the day is, without a doubt, healthy physical action. This can range from working out, running, and any sport you choose. Being accomplished physically, surprisingly increases your will to accomplish mentally and will help you appreciate the things that go on all around us.

What? When? Who?

Taking these lessons and knowing them is great, but what is the ultimate outcome if we don’t apply them to our everyday life. The point of a good joke is to laugh, and the purpose of a positive point is to use it in a positive way. Bring your lessons with you to your actions, instead of picking them up afterwards.

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My Adventure Today In the Mountains

Thorough Thursday

 We climbed through a hiking trail on the mountain known as Nachal Elal. I have been on a good amount of hikes since coming to Israel, but this one was especially gorgeous. The way the valley snaked out in front of me for miles was a bit overwhelming, but awe inspiring all at the same time. As you see by the pictures I was there with my class which brought a certain friendliness to the mountainside. I always feel like I get more out of an experience when I’m with people I would like to reminisce with, about this trip in the future. This concept brought the whole trip up to a level which I can safely say was satisfying. 

 The night before, was one of the most uplifting of my life, singing and playing guitar by the beach with everybody. Just a cloud of positive pursuing voices, reaching heights of motivation only a few get to experience throughout life. Something I can take away from that is, which all of us know is within us already, a wanting for love, and that wanting can heal you in so many ways. 

 Sorry for the shorter post today but feeling very tired, hope you enjoy, and have an incredibly satisfying weekend…

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Unplanned Days, Unplanned Successes 

Wild Wednesday 
 Today does not feel like a wednesday. From Rafting to hiking and even a little singing on the beach, there was nothing about this day that reminded me that it was a random day of the week. I was in this weekend mode during the whole day, I almost forgot to post today because of those mental auto-activities. 

 So, what happens when there is a gap in our schedule which could be beneficial for us to be doing, but all the same, makes it harder to accomplish what we do on a daily basis?

 To help understand this we must look upon Zig Ziglar and his array of motivational quotes, but this one I particular, 

 Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation? 

Zig Ziglar

 Looking for an excuse can be part of the challenge which hits us hardest on vacation days. To realize that vacation is used to recharge for more accomplishments, is the key to never letting a lazy day keep you down for more than a day, like it’s supposed to. 
 There are things we need rest from, and there are things we need more of, even if we feel like it was enough. Look deeper inside of you to really believe your contentment is just that, and not your unproductive self trying to break free…