Timely Tuesday

It's about time to act!  Look around and what do you see?   A person not accomplishing his dreams but instead wasting his time with useless actions. Maybe another burger eaten and not a pound lost, or even the time by the water cooler, with people using it as a socially accepted platform for their lies… Continue reading Timely Tuesday

Magic Monday

Positivity From Unusual Places   This morning I woke up pretty sick, sneezing coughing, all of that. It had to be the spirit of Monday trying to dissuade me into believing that I should just sit in bed and play video games with pizza all day. Now I may or may not have done that but… Continue reading Magic Monday

Our Most Powerful Tool: Imagination

Successful Sunday  When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do on Sunday was read the Sunday comic strips that everyone knows and loves. Just to get a small dose of humor every week was nice to look forward to. Among my favorites were Doonesbury, Zits, and Hagar the Horrible. I loved them… Continue reading Our Most Powerful Tool: Imagination

How To Unburden Yourself 

Throwaway Thursday   I hope that you had an incredibly successful week and got a lot done. It is almost the end of the week and there are lots of relief among the masses. Though, there are some of us who have had a lot of stress and maybe even some failures along the past few… Continue reading How To Unburden Yourself