Discovery Nurtures Growth

Sunday post for Friday... Ah, this Friday was a holiday here in Israel so, alas I could not post, but here I am today on this beautiful Sunday ready to inspire. "Nothing in this world is meaningless... unless we make it so." -Me? I would like to unravel the mystery of maturity and discover what… Continue reading Discovery Nurtures Growth

Life’s First Truth

Swift Sunday  "The family is neither blood nor connection, it is simply who makes us forget we are smiling."                                                                        … Continue reading Life’s First Truth

Reflecting Into Others

Sunday Sixth "The shimmering lights are lit by the ones who enjoy their glow the most of all.."                                                                          … Continue reading Reflecting Into Others

Love, Lust, or Longing

Special Sunday  "Differences come about through constant opinion"                                                                                -Me?   The ones we love have always… Continue reading Love, Lust, or Longing

Being Everyone Else

Smooth Sunday If you have been reading my content then you realize I sometimes write these posts which take a familiar and accepted concept, then break it down and re-build it in a way which can be used by us in the most productive way.   Well, This is One of Those   Everyone wants… Continue reading Being Everyone Else

Savor the Taste of the Selfless

Sunday Self   When we care about something, usually we feel the need to protect it in anyway possible. There is no higher form of flattery then the wanting of closeness between you and whatever it is you hold dear.   What keeps this concept in our reality? How does the emotion work? Why is… Continue reading Savor the Taste of the Selfless

Surpassing Surprise 

Sunday Surprise  First of all I am sorry I haven't been posting recently, I just landed in America from Isarael and I am just trying to get back into a routine..   Hope everyone is having an incredible day and I would like to do this incredible day, or not so incredible day, and make it… Continue reading Surpassing Surprise 

No Words, Only Explanations 

Just Stop and Think Sunday  Do we give the answers we want to, or the excuses we have?   To the people which want an answer, and to the ones which have none. This is for you...  Do you ever feel overwhelmed?...(yes!)   Well that was an easy one, how about this, do you ever know what… Continue reading No Words, Only Explanations 

Bodily Benefits from the Soul

Soulful Sundays  If our heart contains our emotions, what does the soul contain?   The best way to describe the soul, obviously depending on your religious background, is whatever it needs to be for you. Besides the fact that we can't scientifically find a soul, there is a void which isn't covered from mind and body.… Continue reading Bodily Benefits from the Soul

Can You Accept Oppurtunities

Sunday Sunshine  Beautiful and lovely, the sun rises in the distance outside my bedroom window. The world is still, with only rays of light, getting brighter and brighter.   This was my morning.    With breakfast eaten and my morning routine complete I lay down in bed and contemplate. (Not sure what I was contemplating, something… Continue reading Can You Accept Oppurtunities