Love, Lust, or Longing

Special Sunday  "Differences come about through constant opinion"                                                                                -Me?   The ones we love have always… Continue reading Love, Lust, or Longing

Unseen Consequences

Thursday Theme When we were scared as children, our knee-jerk reaction was to cover our eyes, as if what we saw is only what existed. This did help with our personal security, but eventually, as we grow up, we learn to face our fears and accept that reality happens with or without us watching.   Acceptance… Continue reading Unseen Consequences

Building the One True Life

Wednesday Wise Time for Timelessness   When we look into the endless ticking of what seems like our lifeline, to the days we supposedly wanted to accomplish in the first place; all that is there are our wishes and others wants. Schedules help millions around the world set up their lives according to their mental… Continue reading Building the One True Life

What Can Be Right?

Monday Mash Have you ever wondered if there was a right choice? Because I have had an unsolvable dilemma way too many times, and sometimes making a right decision isnt an option. There are lots of differing paths to travel on in this world and not all of them will bring you to the place you want… Continue reading What Can Be Right?