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Discovery Nurtures Growth

Sunday post for Friday…

Ah, this Friday was a holiday here in Israel so, alas I could not post, but here I am today on this beautiful Sunday ready to inspire.

“Nothing in this world is meaningless… unless we make it so.” -Me?

I would like to unravel the mystery of maturity and discover what causes us to turn into the responsible adults we think we are.

Today I was trying to convince my friend to stay in the post high-school program that he is enrolled in, and not to drop out and go back home. Now there are a lot of factors involved in this discussion, but the overall factor was his wanting to be in a place he felt safe in. Me and him were going back and forth about the concept of being your own person, and making your own safe places by adapting to the outside world. Unfortunately I didn’t make any headway and although he might go home I really hope he can change his mindset enough to realize the importance of adulthood.

What kind of power can cause a person to leave the place of his upbringing and start a life outside of his previous parameters?

There are a good amount of reasons for one to leave his home in search of more, but I would like to talk about the concept of discovery in this post.

The world is a big place and we haven’t even scratched the surface when in comes to 100% discovery. I personally love how much mystery there is in the real world, and that movies and tv shows don’t compare to what we can see without there help of CGI. Just this fact alone has people searching in the deepest caves, tallest mountains, and the most remote of islands. There is no reason to do these things but the hope of discovery and the drive for new experiences.

Everyone has this inside of them, and we can use it to our advantage. When there is something for us to do in our daily lives, all we see is a grey wall of nothingness which ends up being routine, but imagine if we can discover something new just by making dinner, or washing the car?

We can learn so much form the simplest of experiences, and what we learn will help us make the world, a safer place.

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Pluck A Time and a Place

To be omnipresent is to be without decision

 One of the most productive skills to wield in a world of distraction is none other then definitive decision making. 

 Being able to clearly decide what you will be commuting to or attempting to accomplish next is always the first step to a healthy action. Loving the way we do the things we love is part of the reason we love them in the first place. 

 Pluck your life from the millions of possibilities that could be, and you will find the one you love ❤️ right there in front of you…
Pluck | The Daily Post

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A Dashing Rescue

What happens when a rescue becomes the money of your life?

 Your inspiration to be free trickles into oblivion…

 I believe our history has forced us to give glory to the heroes which save the princess or stop the pure evil from reigning once more.

 I am afraid that when this world will finally be able to be saved, the people of the generation will turn away; only wanting another good story arc.

 These are my dashing thoughts, the ones that come when I sleep and when I walk.


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Sunny Side Down

“In no certain terms can we determine what is good unless we have a firm understanding of the essence of evil.”

                                      – Me


 I love seeing the greatness in the world, and I’m sure you all do to. Being able to understand what is incredible about every individual is an astounding accomplishment. The way we view our world is the way our world is. 

 If we perceive the man who dropped of the mail as late and obnoxious, then he is late and obnoxious. This is the way of the world, and nothing can change it… well, besides you. 

 Since you can imagine positivity, you can change the world world just by your attitude towards something. We have much more power then we believe in our minds and in our hearts. The awesome power of creation lies within us, and the only way to harness it is to believe. 

 I know it sounds cheesy but just knowing you possess this conceptual power can remove almost any mental blocks or past traumas that have kept you down since you can last remember. 

  Be the change! Not just the change, but he the exaple in which we all will follow!

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Locality of our Mind

“Seclusion may lead to suffering and suffering will lead you to the dark side…”


Ya so there you go with a Star Wars opening, and here we go with this eye opening post!
Adjusting, adapting, it’s what we do as a race. There is no tomorrow, without the change of yesterday.

We have all had our moment when the unexpected happened when we were least prepared. I’m that instant a spark ignited that said, “you MUST do this no matter how comfortable you are with it.”

Then you did, and from then on you were confident in yourself in that situation from now on.

Create that situation in yourself to realize your own potential. No more will lack of experience hold you back, and no more will the lack of motivation keep you from your destiny.

Become localized wherever you are, and at that point you are just part of the town.

Local | The Daily Post

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To be Bottled or not to be Bottled

  • Should we share our opinion? 
  • Should I express my feelings?
  • Should I impose my thoughts?


  You are talking to your friend about his drinking problem. He does the first step and, accepts it is a problem while denying the help he needs. 

 Is he bottling up the truth or denying the 

fallacy of his existence? 

Too intense? 

 I personally believe that people have an epitome of truth and falsity. The gray area is the actual truth, but to not have a base line for absolutes means that there will be no room for hard decisions. 

 There are two ways to stop an addiction

 1: Find supportive people, find a track or program to get enrolled in, and separate yourself from any form of the addiction you are trying to distance yourself from. 

 2: Totally disconnect from anybody that associates with the addiction. Cut yourself off from any places where you will be tempted to pick up where you left off. The last part is the hardest, you must accept that you no longer are addicted and are a totally different person even if you just quit five minutes ago. 

 This method is infamously called, Cold Turkey

 Obviously the way we heal ourselves varies from personality to personality. There is no constant, like with physical medicine, but there are proven methods to help and heal ourselves. 

 The only way to fail is to believe the lie and bottle the truth…

Via Bottle | The Daily Post



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Accomplishment Applied To Our Future

Sunday Sustainability

One lesson which I acquired today was, with work comes fruitfulness. No matter what situation you are in, the amount of satisfaction we get from something depends heavily on the amount of work which is put into it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go on another hike today pretty close to Jerusalem. On this hike there was a plan to stop off by a place in which we can swim. Problem was that no one thought of making sure it was reliable information, so we ended up just going to an empty pit which had a little water on the surface. Of course I didn’t really mind i just loved the hike back and the staircase down later…

Every time I go on one of these adventures, there is a certain natural spring in my step, and a joy throughout my thoughts. The number one trick for me to stay in a positive mindset throughout the day is, without a doubt, healthy physical action. This can range from working out, running, and any sport you choose. Being accomplished physically, surprisingly increases your will to accomplish mentally and will help you appreciate the things that go on all around us.

What? When? Who?

Taking these lessons and knowing them is great, but what is the ultimate outcome if we don’t apply them to our everyday life. The point of a good joke is to laugh, and the purpose of a positive point is to use it in a positive way. Bring your lessons with you to your actions, instead of picking them up afterwards.

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My Adventure Today In the Mountains

Thorough Thursday

 We climbed through a hiking trail on the mountain known as Nachal Elal. I have been on a good amount of hikes since coming to Israel, but this one was especially gorgeous. The way the valley snaked out in front of me for miles was a bit overwhelming, but awe inspiring all at the same time. As you see by the pictures I was there with my class which brought a certain friendliness to the mountainside. I always feel like I get more out of an experience when I’m with people I would like to reminisce with, about this trip in the future. This concept brought the whole trip up to a level which I can safely say was satisfying. 

 The night before, was one of the most uplifting of my life, singing and playing guitar by the beach with everybody. Just a cloud of positive pursuing voices, reaching heights of motivation only a few get to experience throughout life. Something I can take away from that is, which all of us know is within us already, a wanting for love, and that wanting can heal you in so many ways. 

 Sorry for the shorter post today but feeling very tired, hope you enjoy, and have an incredibly satisfying weekend…

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Unplanned Days, Unplanned Successes 

Wild Wednesday 
 Today does not feel like a wednesday. From Rafting to hiking and even a little singing on the beach, there was nothing about this day that reminded me that it was a random day of the week. I was in this weekend mode during the whole day, I almost forgot to post today because of those mental auto-activities. 

 So, what happens when there is a gap in our schedule which could be beneficial for us to be doing, but all the same, makes it harder to accomplish what we do on a daily basis?

 To help understand this we must look upon Zig Ziglar and his array of motivational quotes, but this one I particular, 

 Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation? 

Zig Ziglar

 Looking for an excuse can be part of the challenge which hits us hardest on vacation days. To realize that vacation is used to recharge for more accomplishments, is the key to never letting a lazy day keep you down for more than a day, like it’s supposed to. 
 There are things we need rest from, and there are things we need more of, even if we feel like it was enough. Look deeper inside of you to really believe your contentment is just that, and not your unproductive self trying to break free…

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Being Worthy Shows What We Can Earn

Tuesday Trust

 Money has been around for a while, like a really long time. Even before the creation of any kind of currency, the human race was using substitutes for money such as animals or varying services. This habit has shaped the concept of ‘earning’ throughout our history.
 Brought out of context, the subject of this article can look like a way to earn money, but I am just going to focus on the concept of earning in a mental sense alone. (Maybe by using these tools we can earn more in our lifetime)
 Earning Our Lives 
 Every time we accomplish something no matter how big or small, there is always a thought of how much work we put into it, in the past. Because of this constant process to live up to our own work, and loving the rewards more for it, we always try to make things harder for ourselves to feel like we deserve everything that comes from the action. 
 This is evident in all things such as simple tasks which we think through a little too much sometimes, or the harder challenges in life in which adversity creates a particular pride in our work. These two ends of the same spectrum, let us go to each extreme and learn from the experience. We teach ourselves to either be haughty about our accomplishments or to not let the feeling that we deserve the rewards take hold. 

 Inner Balance 
 Keeping a level playing field within our minds can mean the difference between contentment and frustration. Just like all things, if done through moderation, emotions can be beneficial. Meaning that once we learn to tap into our opposing feelings, and we focus on our moods in different situations, there will be chances to feel the contentment of earning ones way into happiness.
 Being a successful person only feels good if you fought to get to where you are.

  Don’t lose the war thinking it was the battle.
 (Art by @princessshaynabelle on insta)

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