True Standards

Mass Monday  "Our faults are the key to our ultimate success."                                                                  -  Me?     What is sub-standard to me?   What is… Continue reading True Standards

Our Unspoken Language

Monday Mashup    We have spoken about the power of sound in- The effects of the atmosphere around us was brought to life through-  What of the overlooked sense, what of the arguably most important thing our bodies can do in service of us, and is taken for granted?   Lost Sense   Compared… Continue reading Our Unspoken Language

Differences of Work and Wonder

Workin' Wednesday   There is a song by Breaking Benjamin called Bury Me Alive --- Here's it is on their VEVO   This term is used when you don't want to necessarily die, buuut you'd rather skip whatever you are experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately this situation occurs more often then not and this… Continue reading Differences of Work and Wonder

See the Path Walk the Thought

Tuesday Turnover   Ah the relentless beauty of educational paper. Writing is the time where we can put our, once unspeakable thoughts, can be expressed. Now let us use this power to understand the way we can see beauty in the world around us, even with the dark cloud of negativity surrounding our view-port of life.… Continue reading See the Path Walk the Thought

Tired of Being Overpowered By Negativity?

Tired Tuesday     Getting back on track is so much harder then getting on the track in the first place. Hopefully I am back to my daily posts, but oh boy, that was a couple of hard last few days. Although, because I bounced back my resolve will always be stronger for it, and will… Continue reading Tired of Being Overpowered By Negativity?

Creating Your Own Perfect Situation

Monday Match    Have you ever had that thought where you told yourself, 'if this would be the situation, then I would be able to accomplish this.' Well I am pretty sure we all have had those thoughts and hopefully this post can be helpful in starting to make those situations a reality.   Some would… Continue reading Creating Your Own Perfect Situation

Accomplishment Applied To Our Future

Sunday Sustainability One lesson which I acquired today was, with work comes fruitfulness. No matter what situation you are in, the amount of satisfaction we get from something depends heavily on the amount of work which is put into it. I was fortunate enough to be able to go on another hike today pretty close to… Continue reading Accomplishment Applied To Our Future

My Adventure Today In the Mountains

Thorough Thursday  We climbed through a hiking trail on the mountain known as Nachal Elal. I have been on a good amount of hikes since coming to Israel, but this one was especially gorgeous. The way the valley snaked out in front of me for miles was a bit overwhelming, but awe inspiring all at… Continue reading My Adventure Today In the Mountains

Unplanned Days, Unplanned Successes 

Wild Wednesday   Today does not feel like a wednesday. From Rafting to hiking and even a little singing on the beach, there was nothing about this day that reminded me that it was a random day of the week. I was in this weekend mode during the whole day, I almost forgot to post today… Continue reading Unplanned Days, Unplanned Successes 

Being Worthy Shows What We Can Earn

Tuesday Trust  Money has been around for a while, like a really long time. Even before the creation of any kind of currency, the human race was using substitutes for money such as animals or varying services. This habit has shaped the concept of 'earning' throughout our history.  Brought out of context, the subject of… Continue reading Being Worthy Shows What We Can Earn