Beautiful Places, Beautiful Minds

Tempered Tuesday  Love can be given, even if the receiver is something that cannot return.    I personally love hikes and everything about them energizes me. Today I went on a two hour hike which reminded me why I loved the adventure to such a degree. Being out there, in the wilderness, the quiet and… Continue reading Beautiful Places, Beautiful Minds

Loving our Purpose to Fulfill it

Marked Monday  Sorry this post will be a little shorter due to the fact I am falling asleep while I am writing it. šŸ˜“  I have been walking around Tzfat all day and it's been great, but there is a time that my legs tell me, "no more!"  So this post will be about the… Continue reading Loving our Purpose to Fulfill it

Bodily Benefits from the Soul

Soulful Sundays  If our heart contains our emotions, what does the soul contain?   The best way to describe the soul, obviously depending on your religious background, is whatever it needs to be for you. Besides the fact that we can't scientifically find a soul, there is a void which isn't covered from mind and body.… Continue reading Bodily Benefits from the Soul

Just a Memory…. or is it a Thought?Ā 

Thinking Thursdays  "Brought upon my world was all that will happen, and all the possibilities of the past."                                                - My Brain  We normally believe the past is the only trustworthy concept in our… Continue reading Just a Memory…. or is it a Thought?Ā 

Be Underwhelmed to be Overwhelmed in the FutureĀ 

Wallowing Wednesday   Being accomplished on Sunday only leaves Monday to the unknown.  Don't get me wrong, I am not underplaying the concept of accomplishment. I only mean to say that some of us want to feel that rush of incredible feelings we get when we complete the things we want done. Sometimes we as humans… Continue reading Be Underwhelmed to be Overwhelmed in the FutureĀ 

Last Hour of the First Day

Total Tuesday The ones we love can change but the reason we love them are forever. - Me...  Today was the last day of my program in Israel, and now it's time to go find some work in the holy land. I just wanted to reiterate some of my thoughts of the day, and what… Continue reading Last Hour of the First Day

Greed Will Benefit The Needy

Marvelous Monday    The concept of greed is based off of the fact that selfishness is a negative trait.   I'm here to tell you that's all a fallacy...  It all started one cold winter night; the city looked almost peaceful covered in a white blanket of fresh snow. Unbeknownst to the comfortable families riding out… Continue reading Greed Will Benefit The Needy

Can You Accept Oppurtunities

Sunday Sunshine  Beautiful and lovely, the sun rises in the distance outside my bedroom window. The world is still, with only rays of light, getting brighter and brighter.   This was my morning.    With breakfast eaten and my morning routine complete I lay down in bed and contemplate. (Not sure what I was contemplating, something… Continue reading Can You Accept Oppurtunities

Will Strives In the Face of Death

Wednesday Will   Nothing can kill a will, or nullify it for that matter. The constant inspiration we try to achieve, comes from the endless pool of energy called will. There are two different kinds of wills, yet both have a similar conceptual meanings.   When there's a will there's a family:  A will is… Continue reading Will Strives In the Face of Death

Tired of Being Overpowered By Negativity?

Tired Tuesday     Getting back on track is so much harder then getting on the track in the first place. Hopefully I am back to my daily posts, but oh boy, that was a couple of hard last few days. Although, because I bounced back my resolve will always be stronger for it, and will… Continue reading Tired of Being Overpowered By Negativity?