Reminder of Our Purpose

Monday Mince "Just one thorn can cut, imagine what a plant working with itself can accomplish."                                                                              … Continue reading Reminder of Our Purpose

Life’s First Truth

Swift Sunday  "The family is neither blood nor connection, it is simply who makes us forget we are smiling."                                                                        … Continue reading Life’s First Truth

Who is Your Chef?

Wednesday Wack   "One can be burned or Hardened, it is just a measure of commitment."                                                                              … Continue reading Who is Your Chef?

What Goes Around Will Keep Going

Tuesday Tumble Ah the belief that our actions will come back and either haunt or help us in the future. If we would give to the man with the cup on the side of the street then in our time of need, we will be given what we happen to need. This is a concept… Continue reading What Goes Around Will Keep Going

Slow Your Roll

Mellow Monday  Surprisingly I did not know what the word amble meant until today. It means to walk at a leisurely pace or just a relaxed speed. I thought of a lesson we could all learn from this concept of doing an action used for transportation, and doing it slowly and calmly is a new… Continue reading Slow Your Roll

Reflecting Into Others

Sunday Sixth "The shimmering lights are lit by the ones who enjoy their glow the most of all.."                                                                          … Continue reading Reflecting Into Others

Music that Brings us Together

Thursday Throwback (actually)   "The hero saves the day, but what of the war?"                                                               -Me?   I happen to love the word Symphony, there… Continue reading Music that Brings us Together

What Lies Beneath

Whimsical Wednesday  "The foggiest memories have the most valuable lesson hidden inside them, the reasoning for the fog."                                                                          … Continue reading What Lies Beneath

The Dangers of Safety Nets

Tuesday Teeth "What is healthy, is harder to tarnish.."                                                 -Me   The purity of our intentions can be misled if there is no reason to keep the path we walk straight.… Continue reading The Dangers of Safety Nets

True Standards

Mass Monday  "Our faults are the key to our ultimate success."                                                                  -  Me?     What is sub-standard to me?   What is… Continue reading True Standards