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Blog Tip #4 Social Secrets

Today I will be sharing one of the fundamentals of marketing your posts. Applying these techniques will:

  1. Increase Traffic
  2. Popularize Your Brand
  3. Expose You Too New Audiences

The magic phrase today is… SOCIAL MEDIA!

The power of the internet is astronomical, and the fact that we have the ability to access the world in an instant at our fingertips is incredible. To use this power in the most productive way possible, we must put in the time to find the best sites for sharing our wonderful pieces of art we call posts. I have done the research and have a list of the sites you should focus on for whatever purposes you need.

This will be a new subcategory that I will be writing as part of the Tuesday Blog Tip. I will call it Social Secrets and it will feature a different website every time. Today’s lucky winner is a tool which every self-respecting blogger should know about.


This site is great for increasing your viewership, as well as boosting your stats in general. StumbleUpon is a webpage viewer which helps you “stumble upon” different websites you that have been shared by other “Stumblers” on the site. Every person that stumbles upon your page will see your post which will open up a whole new part of the internet up to you. It’s quick and easy to make an account, and it costs nothing to do so.









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The Effort of Our Lives

“Being worthy is up to the beholder, becoming worthy is up to us.”



Wow! It has been a long 2 weeks, but lo and behold, I have returned!

In this post, I would like to talk about a recurring theme in all of our lives, and something which we would love nothing more than to master. We will discuss the reasoning for it, the varying effects, and then how we can use this wonderful concept to improve our lives in a truly beautiful way.

Drum Roll Please…. dum dum dum dum!

The winner is Effort 🙂


Why do we need effort?

Everybody has their own answers for this simple yet important question.

In this society we think in terms of value and subjective thought processes, to truly become consistent we must become objective within our lives and focus on what truly matters. If what you believe in, is your work, then you will apply these skills there, if it is family, then you will think this pertains to them, and if it is friends, you will take this socially. We need effort for one reason, and that is the concept of worthy accomplishment.

When we work hard for something, there is a sense of completion which we rarely achieve in our lifetimes. We see this in many cases such as research papers and high-intensity housework. 🙂 Think of the times we are given the keys, do we feel good about having it, or are we proud of ourselves for reaching the point where we could put the pedal to the metal?


The Arbel cliffs I climbed last week…


Real Happiness

We can buy happiness, but as we know, that doesn’t last too long, and if it does we have given up on true accomplishment. Waking up at the crack of dawn every day may be hard, but there is that feeling of happiness we get by the time we are awake. That feeling is worth all the hardships in the world because we know it is real…


Praise yourself for your hard work, and your achievements will come naturally. 


(pictures by me)


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Blog Tip #3 Personal Consistency

“Don’t be discouraged by the stumbling blocks in life, they are there to climb on not just to trip over.”



On one of the hikes I recently went on


Consistency + Hard Work

The way we grow is through work, this is a basic concept we all understand as human beings. Just look at the people who have ‘made it’ in your eyes and you will see that they have worked for what they have or don’t have, no matter if we decide to accept it or not. Today’s tip is very reliant on the fact that we understand this concept or not, and if we do, can we apply it to our lives?


Become Consistent

One of the easiest parts of becoming consistent is that all you gotta do is right there in the title… be consistent. If you are having trouble writing your posts, or keep pushing it off until its never late enough, then creating a schedule will be your true best friend. A schedule will keep your consistency until you feel a little empty inside without completing your writing for that day/week/month.

If you ever feel like you might give up on your hard earned consistency, just remember how inspired you were the first time you made that decision to write every week, and never give it up.



The primary reason to be consistent is to grow your audience and to prove to the internet that you aren’t going away. When I started I made a commitment to write every day, and I kept it for 3 full months, that is probably how I grew faster than most bloggers, but I joined a post-highschool oversees program in Israel so I had to lower my writing expectations to two posts a week. I guarantee you will see results within a month if you keep your schedule, depending on what that particular schedule is. Keep doing what you do, and then do it some more…

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Become Your Teacher

“Appreciate the big things, but remember what they are made out of…”



Sometimes we forgot the fragility of this world and the concepts which hold it together in our eyes. With one flick of a hand or the simple truth told, the world as we know it would collapse. Something which we rely on to keep our schedules intact can break apart with such simple means, how do we keep on loving the world around us, instead of worrying about the possible outcomes?


For us to discover the answer, we must understand one simple word – Appreciation


I have written about this in the past, but I have a slightly different explanation I would like to divulge to you, my treasured readers. We have all been on the receiving end of more than a few anxiety fueled thoughts. Then, one of two outcomes will occur, we push past our thoughts that hold us back from greatness, or the what if’s become our reality to the point of failure. pushing ourselves is imperative to success and only with constant effort to grow can we become our true selves.


When we think of the outcomes of a situation, there are many ways we can veer off into the darkened pool of our mind. The best way to make sure we do not stary off the path of achievement is to teach ourselves to react positively to challenges. Worry is an integral part of keeping us safe, but at some point, we must take our worry and throw it in the backseat while we let our willpower and need for success take the wheel.


The possibilities are endless, make sure you do not forget that there are many ways not just to fail, but to succeed as well.


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Blog Tip #2 Future Planning

Tuesday Tip

There are two types of bloggers in this world.

• Inspiration Dependent

• informational Focused

I personally rely on inspiration when I sit down to write a post, or something else that requires creative writing. Although, when I am writing an educational article, I will research then parrot most of the informative aspects of what I am writing about; spicing it up when there is a need for the special touch of a personal emotional view.

Today I have not just one, but two tips/tricks for my fellow bloggers out there.

1: for the ones which rely on inspiration for a post, but have trouble keeping a schedule because of this. I propose writing down small bullet points as you get inspired by your daily life. This way you will not only have something for your brain to build off of, but you won’t have to re-invent the wheel each time you write. (Which I am guilty of)

2: Then, for the people who are forced squeeze your personality into the crevices of cold facts. There is only one thing I have to say, look for aspects of the subject you are writing about which interest you; then use those personally feelings toward those facts and write something fantastical.

Enjoy your week everybody!

Let me know what advice you are looking for and maybe the next Tuesday Tip will feature your request!

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Discovery Nurtures Growth

Sunday post for Friday…

Ah, this Friday was a holiday here in Israel so, alas I could not post, but here I am today on this beautiful Sunday ready to inspire.

“Nothing in this world is meaningless… unless we make it so.” -Me?

I would like to unravel the mystery of maturity and discover what causes us to turn into the responsible adults we think we are.

Today I was trying to convince my friend to stay in the post high-school program that he is enrolled in, and not to drop out and go back home. Now there are a lot of factors involved in this discussion, but the overall factor was his wanting to be in a place he felt safe in. Me and him were going back and forth about the concept of being your own person, and making your own safe places by adapting to the outside world. Unfortunately I didn’t make any headway and although he might go home I really hope he can change his mindset enough to realize the importance of adulthood.

What kind of power can cause a person to leave the place of his upbringing and start a life outside of his previous parameters?

There are a good amount of reasons for one to leave his home in search of more, but I would like to talk about the concept of discovery in this post.

The world is a big place and we haven’t even scratched the surface when in comes to 100% discovery. I personally love how much mystery there is in the real world, and that movies and tv shows don’t compare to what we can see without there help of CGI. Just this fact alone has people searching in the deepest caves, tallest mountains, and the most remote of islands. There is no reason to do these things but the hope of discovery and the drive for new experiences.

Everyone has this inside of them, and we can use it to our advantage. When there is something for us to do in our daily lives, all we see is a grey wall of nothingness which ends up being routine, but imagine if we can discover something new just by making dinner, or washing the car?

We can learn so much form the simplest of experiences, and what we learn will help us make the world, a safer place.

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Blog Tip #1 Be Responsive

Tuesday Tip

This is the first Tuesday Tip so please let me know if you guys enjoyed it and what I can do to add or subtract from it 🙂

What do you think a performers favorite part of being an artist is?

Their fans and the response they get from them about their art. For bloggers, comments and likes dominate our dopamine levels. When you get that buzz in your pocket, we always want it to be some sort of loving feedback from a devout reader.

They give us so much, and are a big part of the reason why we feel accomplished on a day to day basis. We have to show our compassion to them in a tentative way, by responding to comments and follows, we show our appreciation in the best way possible.

So that is the tip of the week, be responsive and loving to the people who helped you get this far…

Daily Word Prompt

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Nature of Change

Friday First


“Beginnings begin with a thought and continue with action.”


Finally! I have found the time to write on this blog that I love so much for the people that have given me the energy and inspiration to keep writing in the first place. 


I have been studying in Israel for the last few weeks, and it has been an experience unlike any other. My day consists of classes and meals, maybe an hour of free time, and a hike from time to time just to get the blood pumping. Beauty is the embodiment of where I live, with mountains in the distance, palm trees, and the views I have on a daily basis really help my creative writing in a big way. The impact my surroundings have had on me is something which I would like to expand on today.


Situational Circumstances

Many factors can lead to change in our lives, and these varying changes will hopefully have a positive affect on our lives. Change does not have to mean a total opposite, or different factor then a more familiar one. There can be improvement that we see as change, just as a person can still eat ice cream, but only at the right occasions, and will feel better about his control over his desires.


Many of us feel a missing link within our lives and believe we can fill it with more of the same, as long as we keep upping the ante. This is obviously not true, since we know that the definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same actions and expecting different results.


Proof From The Past

Last year I also studied in Israel and if you have read previous posts, you know I loved it. Although, I knew that I did not live up to my full potential, or accomplish all that I wanted to in the place I was last year, mentally and physically. Guess what? I changed my surroundings by applying to a different program and getting new visa paperwork, and all the other processes which I went through to make this switch occur. Of course I had help from my family to make this happen, and that really gave me the power to overcome my weaknesses and push myself to accomplish what I needed to achieve.


The change I am seeing on a daily basis is astounding, and I can thank my willpower, along with the proper environment which I put myself in. 

I really missed writing to ya’ll, and reading your incredible thoughts. Peace until next week 🙂




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Blue Sky Challenge

Hey everybody, today I will be participating in this very unique challenge which consists of 11 questions, which I will be answering in a shorter context then usual, due to time constraints.

I would like to thank Glimmers of Silver for nominating me and challenging me to do this… well… challenge. 🙂


What do you most love about yourself?

I think that would have to be my willpower to do what I believe is important.

What was a defining moment in your life?

The moment I started blogging here on WordPress! 🙂

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Pizza…. Always pizza….

Who was/is your biggest mentor? Why?

Myself, my mother, and one of my previous teachers. Because they each showed me how incredible a human being can be.

What drove you to start blogging?

A need to share my thought sand feelings with the world.

What is one thing that you wish you could change about the world?

I want to eradicate the ideal that we could base our civilization on our emotions.

What do you most look forward to within the next year?

Finding real purpose.

What has been your greatest adventure in life?

Either High-School, or my first 2-day hike in the wilderness.

What is one question that when people ask it you cringe?

Where are you from? Like what? When? Now? Before? In the universe?

What has been your proudest moment?

Anytime I have pushed myself past my self-made known boundaries.

Who is your biggest supporter?



I hope this has been interesting! Enjoy!

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Blogger Recognition Award

Thank You

First I would like to thank Holly from BloggerInABlogWorld for nominating me! If you want some inspiring posts/poems, or just an avid Game of Thrones fan, then her blog is right for you. Anyone who has not already, should go check out her amazing blog!

I started a new program, a few days ago in Israel, so I have not had time to post that much or even write a post to to nominate some bloggers for this incredible award.

My Advice For My Fellow Bloggers

Simple concepts can create brilliant accomplishments, just like the advice I will share with you. Write every post like it is not just your last, but your first as well. Just imagine every post on your blog was the masterpiece it deserves to be; it can be an incredible thing!

How I Started Down The Way of the Wise

Obviously there was a myriad of factors which resulted in the creation of my blog, but I would like to focus on one point in particular. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to start changing the world, and all I had at my disposal were my thoughts and feelings. Finally, night after night going to sleep feeling unfulfilled, like I could have gave over more of myself to the world, I had an idea. All I needed to do was write my thoughts down in a way that they could be shared with the world. Immediately I thought of the internet, and then right after reading a few blogs, I had made my decision…



I could keep on nominating people, but I really do not have time right now with all the classes I am taking, so this will have to do for now, and enjoy!

The Steps for Those Nominated

  1. Create a blog post
  2. Give a short description of the blog that nominated you and add their link
  3. Write your best piece of advice for other bloggers
  4. Discuss what made you start your blog
  5. Nominate 15 other blogs that you think people should check out