Order – One Side of The Coin

The history of the genesis or the old mythology repeats itself in the experience of every child. He too is a demon or god thrown into a particular chaos, where he strives ever to lead things from disorder into order.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Each and every one of us live in a constant state shifting from Order too Chaos and then back again. Stability achieved only through the perseverance of man, fulfilled after many tumultuous decisions which may take the form of failures from time to time.

Create the floor which you will stand on...
Construction Site

What does this mean?

Let’s take the most basic of examples, the first thing that is built when constructing a structure is the foundation. For without it, there is no hope of ever climbing higher to build the ascending floors.

Why do so many find themselves stuck, or in a place of hopelessness, we as a generation see more and more people are having difficulties finding their path to success. I believe we can attribute this to a lack of the most fundamental tool for self improvement… A foundation!

How can we expect ourselves to truly succeed when every brick we establish in our lives is being built over unsteady ground. whether it’s a workout routine, a new job, or even just making a call to a loved one. To create an orderly life within the chaotic reality we live in, there must be a basis for our growth.

To create schedule, reliability, & accept responsibility, you need two sturdy feet on the ground, ready to propel you into the potential filled future which awaits.

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed please share with everyone you know and let me know your comments below!

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