Blog Tip #5 Social Secrets – Quora

When we want to expand our audience, one of the first things we must do is give people the opportunity to discover the content we are sharing. The best conceivable plan-of-action would be to network on the largest platforms and distribute our creations through the busiest venues. This is why I love Quora, this Q&A platform started in 2009 has become the go-to place for answer-seekers just as yourself. If you’ve been looking for an amazing community to show your blog/content too, then you have found the answer to what you’ve been looking for.


Imagine a platform made up of over 190 million users monthly!!!

Personal Experience

Ever since I started my blog I have come across a lot of interesting and useful places on the internet. Quora has been one of the most productive places so far, as I have been answering questions on Quora for about 2 years and have an average of 300 views a week.

My path of success has only been possible by being consistent and diligent, now I don’t want to toot my own horn but the more questions you answer the more views you get. Although if you are just pumping out answers without thinking about what you’re doing, then you will only be hurting your reputation with weak and unhelpful answers.



Find 3 categories you are competent in and try answering a few questions; also check out some other people’s answers for inspiration on how to get your answer noticed.

Enjoy this wild ride of thought-provoking questions, and even more shocking answers…

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