A New Perspective

“The way we view the world will only change our reality once we view ourselves worthy of such views.”



Each mind projects a beam of thought which permeates everything that the mind’s consciousness focuses on. In a world where we had the ability to see these beams, there would be no space unchanged from at least one person’s mind. What is this projecting light which has its clutches in everything imaginable?

You guessed it, our culprit is none other than Perception:

The force of nature, gravity, and other such overbearing concepts literally change the way the world works in every facet of its existence. Things like the aforementioned and such others do exist and constantly change/hold together the world from utter destruction. This was no mystery to early human civilization either, the Taonistic philosophy of Yin and Yang which represent the forces of order and chaos are said to affect every action and reaction which occurs on this planet. Believe it or not, perception is very much on par with these other world-changing aspects.

Something so powerful yet extremely common is a rare existence indeed. We all have the innate ability to change the world to our favor through our perception. This gives us a way to improve our situation without affecting reality. When a positive person walks into the room we can subconsciously feel their perception affecting the situation immediately. This is a perfect example of how we can help ourselves, as well as others with the power of our choices, our choice of how to see the world we live in.


 The only thing we could do is use the power of perception in a productive intelligent way.


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