The War on Life

Sunday Sight 


“Responsibility must be earned, not wanted.”



We all have similar processes to get us into the mode of accomplishment. The place that we just work, work, work, and wait for it, even more, although it feels like only a few minutes have passed, we accomplished days worth of work. I personally love this trance that we go in when there are things that must be done. When we teach ourselves to love the feeling of achievement more then the emptiness of addiction, or euphoria shots like, TV, Food, or other entities which flood our minds with dopamine, creating a sort of tolerance to the goodness.


So today we will learn:

-To love the feeling of hard work and accomplishment in order to expel thoughts of instant gratification.


First off if this article isn’t factual enough for you, check this article out.


Before I go into this I would like to point out that this all boils down into one simple concept. Being stronger then the power of temptation and laziness which sort of team-up to create depression like feelings inside of us. It is a simple battle of willpower which is fought on a daily basis, but gets easier with every victory.



The feeling creeps up on you like a tailgater driving an electric car, you can feel rationalization slowly slipping away as our past failures feed the monster which eventually controls our very being takes over. This entity bears the sigil of temptation, we feel powerless against such a foe, such an enemy. How to fight this beast, that is the question.


Fine, I’ll tell you the closely guarded secret which has been passed through the generations of philosophers and thinkers alike. This overwhelming force of negativity which can so easily cloud our minds, the one with the power we can’t seem to fight; do not worry, I am not going to say that it is us, and we have the power to overcome ourselves, but what I will tell you, is that this entity is given power by someone. Although this person does not want you to fall, but he/she wants you to rise past the challenges that are posed by the power this figure gives to your more negative emotions.


This mysterious figure is you and the power these outside monsters have is only given to them by the all powerful one, you.



The foundation for sadness, and the button for self destruction. The concept of not accepting responsibility for the sole reason of not wanting to, is the epitome of what is wrong with any unhealthy mindset. Logic and reasoning bring our dreams to reality through planning and strategy. By discarding these fundamental parts our lives away, we create room for emotions to go unchecked, and with that, disaster will ensue. Emotions are the greatest weapon man has ever wielded, and without guidance from the mind, we can forget about accomplishing anything we will proud of in our lifetimes.



To Love

I know telling the antagonist he sucks is easy, but this was more then that. I wanted to show everyone in a detailed format, how and why instant gratification will ruin our future, if not our immediate lives. In the days we live in, we can be lazy all day then watch an episode of our favorite TV show and feel happiness. We are encouraged to let a once cast out concept into our lives and corrupt the minds of our families. The only way to battle an accepted evil, is to realize it’s true source of power and cut it off. That is why I pointed out that we give the monsters the power we fear so, and that we are the ones who are powerful enough to show ourselves that we do not need their fake lives; that we can bring about happiness through hard work and love.


Be happy for the future is upon us, and there is nothing we can do, but enjoy it. 🙂


via Daily Prompt: Trance

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