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Locality of our Mind

“Seclusion may lead to suffering and suffering will lead you to the dark side…”


Ya so there you go with a Star Wars opening, and here we go with this eye opening post!
Adjusting, adapting, it’s what we do as a race. There is no tomorrow, without the change of yesterday.

We have all had our moment when the unexpected happened when we were least prepared. I’m that instant a spark ignited that said, “you MUST do this no matter how comfortable you are with it.”

Then you did, and from then on you were confident in yourself in that situation from now on.

Create that situation in yourself to realize your own potential. No more will lack of experience hold you back, and no more will the lack of motivation keep you from your destiny.

Become localized wherever you are, and at that point you are just part of the town.

Local | The Daily Post



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