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To be Bottled or not to be Bottled

  • Should we share our opinion? 
  • Should I express my feelings?
  • Should I impose my thoughts?


  You are talking to your friend about his drinking problem. He does the first step and, accepts it is a problem while denying the help he needs. 

 Is he bottling up the truth or denying the 

fallacy of his existence? 

Too intense? 

 I personally believe that people have an epitome of truth and falsity. The gray area is the actual truth, but to not have a base line for absolutes means that there will be no room for hard decisions. 

 There are two ways to stop an addiction

 1: Find supportive people, find a track or program to get enrolled in, and separate yourself from any form of the addiction you are trying to distance yourself from. 

 2: Totally disconnect from anybody that associates with the addiction. Cut yourself off from any places where you will be tempted to pick up where you left off. The last part is the hardest, you must accept that you no longer are addicted and are a totally different person even if you just quit five minutes ago. 

 This method is infamously called, Cold Turkey

 Obviously the way we heal ourselves varies from personality to personality. There is no constant, like with physical medicine, but there are proven methods to help and heal ourselves. 

 The only way to fail is to believe the lie and bottle the truth…

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2 thoughts on “To be Bottled or not to be Bottled

  1. Hard truth. The red or the blue. Decide and stick to it, even if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Especially if it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

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