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Loving our Purpose to Fulfill it

Marked Monday

 Sorry this post will be a little shorter due to the fact I am falling asleep while I am writing it. 😴

 I have been walking around Tzfat all day and it’s been great, but there is a time that my legs tell me, “no more!”

 So this post will be about the perception of purpose and how love can affect the accomplishment of our goals:

 Our purpose can be accepted or created, it is up to you. 

 1: Bring the best out of yourself and accomplish everything you can for this world… congratulations you officially lived life right. 

 2: Accept a higher purpose, listen, live, and breath that purpose until the day you die happily content with yourself… congrats you have completed life…. again.

 So, what are the two constants between these very different ways of life?

 Both of these people have lived to their fullest extent, which means that they have officially died content with no regrets. This is an accomplishment which few accomplish.

 Now whichever you say is wrong or right does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Because once the day comes where someone compliments you without waiting for your response, and the veils are worn, it will only matter what you accomplished not what you felt you should have.

 This is supposed to be inspirational, so be inspired! 

 Ok great 😂

 Have a great night and enjoy your purposeful lives.



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2 thoughts on “Loving our Purpose to Fulfill it

  1. Being able to truly figure out and love your purpose is one of the hardest pursuits. It’s so much easier to start watching YouTube ;). But, as with all important tasks – we need to figure it out if we are ever to be truly happy.

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