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Bodily Benefits from the Soul

Soulful Sundays

 If our heart contains our emotions, what does the soul contain? 

 The best way to describe the soul, obviously depending on your religious background, is whatever it needs to be for you. Besides the fact that we can’t scientifically find a soul, there is a void which isn’t covered from mind and body. There’s a reason the mantra goes, “mind, body, soul,” and even though it might sound well together, there is much more to the reasoning of this saying.
 Mind is the embodiment of logic, while body unites health with physical feelings. Emotion comes from the mind as well, and the part of the mind which houses the logic is what we call the brain. 

 Now we have that covered, what is the significance of the Soul?

 Most of us can feel our feelings and react accordingly to the situation at hand. There are certain actions and reactions which are caused solely by our emotions. More often then not, these emotions are more powerful since the reaction, in turn, creates a lack of thought up to that moment. Take thought out of action and all you end up with is something you will have to apologize for later. Obviously, I also want to tap into the positive side of this power, and bring out the best of both sides of our decision making.
 To use this immense reactive power, we must first train ourselves to have a normally positive mindset. This will help with the reactive element by creating no reason to have a negative outburst. If the thoughts floating around our heads on a normal basis are docile at least, then we can be comfortable with our own minds, and how we will react to different situations. 

 The soul can be our greatest ally, while being the most mysterious part of ourselves. 

 I have written about this before, if we love what we are truly, then that love will work for us and help us along each step of our incredible lives!!!



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