Can You Accept Oppurtunities

Sunday Sunshine

 Beautiful and lovely, the sun rises in the distance outside my bedroom window. The world is still, with only rays of light, getting brighter and brighter. 

 This was my morning.

 With breakfast eaten and my morning routine complete I lay down in bed and contemplate. (Not sure what I was contemplating, something very important, of course 😂) I suddenly awoke and checked my phone; the time was 5:45 Pm. The feeling of defeat started creeping in, as I lay there regretting the decision to contemplate. 

 Although I had slept through most of the day, I still had a feeling of hope that I could make this day an extremely productive one. Usually, I let myself get torn down by missed opportunity, and will beat myself up about it for the rest of the day, which I’m sure a lot of us do at times of distress. 

 The unhealthy habit of kicking ourselves when we are down, must be remembered as a thing of the past if we are to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Only follow your heart, if your heart has a pure love for oneself. 

 This might sound cheesy, but bringing love from inside yourself into the world, there will be a force of positivity around you at all times. This can help in challenging situations which, as we know, can lead to some less then loved moments. 

 Hope Sunday was incredible. 

 Just relax and enjoy yourself, no matter what will happen, you can only enjoy what is happening

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