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How To Unburden Yourself 

Throwaway Thursday 

 I hope that you had an incredibly successful week and got a lot done. It is almost the end of the week and there are lots of relief among the masses. Though, there are some of us who have had a lot of stress and maybe even some failures along the past few days which are keeping us from feeling content. 

 I would like to speak about how to take your sorrow and vanish it so you can have an unburdened week ahead of you.

 Have you ever said I am going to do that tomorrow for sure! 

 I am sure we all have said that, and kept on saying that for a pretty long period of time. Obviously there is only one simple fix for it, and it is called getting up and doing something. Although we know this we sometimes never end up feeling ok about it. We don’t because remembering all the other times we failed has brought us to a point of training your minds to automatically make it harder for you. 

 This obviously brings out that dwelling on a past mistake will only hurt you worse then you already felt. I know in certain situations there is an urgent need that must get done, but even then you can complete the problem a lot easier if you feel confident in yourself. Imagine the confidence of a new born every day!

 Understanding yourself is important to your health and mind and could save you an enormous amount of time and self pity. 

 Hope you can take the lesson here and see the angel within.



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