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Differences of Similarities

 To believe that there is a concept of an oxymoron is something I’ve wrestled with for a long time.   Part of my belief system is taken from the concept of “yin yang” and part of this is that there are two sides to everything that exists in humanities realm of understanding. The two sides are of course darkness and light; and this brings out that nothing is inherently pure evil or for that matter pure good either. I have incorporated this idea into my life in every way possible.
  Every creation has a use for each extreme of the moral spectrum somewhere in our imaginations. This entails that even if an object has been created for a negative purpose there is someone somewhere on this planet that has the ability to think of a positive purpose for this so called “purely destructive weapon.” To have this concept firmly set in my life has made judgment of others much easier to control and other such usual hardships much easier to see as well as, allowing me to understand myself and everything around me. I want to be able to pass this serenity around the world because once we can understand the reasoning behind an action and not just assume it was the dark or light that motivated the occurrence, we can start having harmony. 
 Peace through understanding can be a reality if we start to look for a way to achieve it.



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