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A Wonderful Symphony of Emotions

The beautiful collaboration of mesmerizing tones drift through the air to the ears of an unsuspecting population freeing us from the drones we pretend to be.

Of course the tones are the emotion we feel from the music, and the population are the people that believe our feelings are obsolete to the logic and straight up ignorance of the people we trust in. I believe in a change of heart from the stony shores of our minds to the beautiful feeling of accomplishment otherwise known as fulfillment.
The essence of music in general was originally to bring out emotion through an art form. This concept was originally thought of using actual original art, (paintings, sculptures, etc) but the concept can be extremely flexible at times. One of my greatest sorrows is to see the accepted music of our generation destroy the epitome of the unfathomable power of the sound of music. (See what I did there)
My playlist consists of music that awaken certain emotions and memories that empower me to push past whatever may be bringing me below at that time. This technique is used through music therapy and other such venues, but I believe we on a personal level we can achieve such bliss from our own minds using this simply accessible tool.
Please if anybody has some music that hasn’t been tainted by the disgusting, animalistic tendencies of our so-called “stars” please put them in the comments. I hope this helped you as much as it has brought me up from the ashes.

(Art by @princessshaynabelle on instagram)

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