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The Truth of the Fake We are Fed

  Our lives consist of the whims of our overseers which convince us of the truth we must live. This “truth” is just forced in front of us just so we are blind to the to the ugly reality we have to live in to survive.

  To bring out our own intuitions and project our dreams onto the world we believes we must live through the fantasies and realities of other people. The unspoken truth of what we do is the answer to the never ending system. 

The Unspoken Truth:

 To truly live our lives we must live our lives our way as long as we are competent enough to be able to see the negativity before it becomes a roadblock. Honesty is the only outlet to use if the honest goal is to become more then we already are. Because to feel accomplished there’s this need to be more then ourselves which is rooted in our lives of media perfection and expectations we set mostly for ourselves. Why can’t everybody be what they are instead of become who they are? 

  The accomplishment we strive for is right there for us to accept all we need to do is accept it!! 



Trying to bring out the best in an unsuspecting world. Follow me on twitter to get updates on all of my posts @layvilitton

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